Boston Bombing Prosecutor: Witnesses ‘Afraid’ to Testify, by Joseph L. Flatley
Prosecutors in the Boston Bombing case claim that government witnesses are scared to testify. Yet it’s the defense witnesses who should be afraid, given the long official intimidation campaign against them.


Who just warned of a looming second global economic crash? British Prime Minister David Cameron. Despite those red flags, Wall Street’s “Flash Boys” are wheelin’-n-dealin’ in an increasingly volatile Treasury market. And M&A dealmakers are profiting mightily off of “mega-mergers”.

Unsurprisingly, there is plenty of evidence that the housing crisis is back (as if it ever really went away).

Businessweek said this week’s big Halliburton merger was driven by “cheap oil and a smell of fear.”

Who keeps finding ways to avoid paying the IRS? Surprise … it’s big corporations!


What is hampering the war on ISIS? Apparently, it’s a “drone shortage.” The people of Pakistan might disagree. If the CIA does run out, Best Buy has $499 drones on sale just in time for Christmas.

What do you get the environmentally-conscious assassin this Christmas? One of NASA’s biodegradable drones.

What is “a militant” and why does the media use that term instead of innocent civilians?

And what “mysterious Russian space object” has experts worried about the return of the satellite killer? Somebody call Ernst Stavro Blofeld.


Why is “the siege of Julian Assange” little more than a farce?

Why is the CIA planning to destroy its employees’ e-mails?

And how many species are on the verge of extinction?

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