ICYMI: Boston Bombing Prosecutor: Witnesses ‘Afraid’ to Testify, by Joseph L. Flatley
Prosecutors in the Boston Bombing case claim that government witnesses are scared to testify. Yet it’s the defense witnesses who should be afraid, given the long official intimidation campaign against them.


Who thinks the NSA is completely out of control? The insider who blew the whistle a decade before Snowden.

Who lost when the Senate blocked NSA reform? The NSA did, since some of its broad surveillance powers expire on June 1 unless Congress does something about that.

Who is going to make big news on immigration tomorrow? President Obama will when he announces new “executive action” during a prime-time address to the nation.

Who did House Republicans hire to help them mount a court challenge to Presidential “overreach” on executive action?

Who just broke his silence? The first pilot to fire a missile from a Predator drone.


What did the Pentagon accomplish with its nation-building plan for Afghanistan? SPOILER ALERT: Not much!

What is NASA doing with a research plane at a military base in Africa?

What did the Rosetta mission lander find on the comet?


Why did Putin “stun” his advisers?

Why is Sen. Mary Landrieu a big loser in KeystoneXL debate?

Why is Monsanto using “big data”?

And why does America have a “Casino-Saturation Problem”?

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