Will One Man’s Drug-Crazed Rampage Change Canada’s History? by Peter Dale Scott
The murder of a Canadian soldier in Ottawa and the subsequent shootings at Canada’s parliament were the work of a drug-crazed man who was Muslim. Yet the government quickly framed it as a terrorist action, and an excuse to boost the state’s powers. Will it send Canada down an American path to reduced rights and increased surveillance?


Who compared Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown to “Hulk Hogan”? Police Officer Darren Wilson did as part of his explanation for killing the unarmed 18-year-old. The details of the shooting came to light after the announcement of the grand jury’s controversial decision to not indict Officer Wilson.

The evidence the panel considered is now public and much of it is conflicting, but all the proof in the world rarely changes the outcome when police shoot civilians. They almost never go to jail.

Who is still on the case of Ferguson’s problematic policing? The Department of Justice.

Who will be out in force tonight in Ferguson? Who is still angry about the grand jury’s decision? And who is once again making themselves part of the story?


What is driving a “wave of ISIS support” in Syria?

What is the inside story of Hagel’s ouster from the Pentagon? Is he a scapegoat?

And what is the cost of maintaining a huge U.S. empire?


Why did the DHS kill a controversial biometric deportation program?

Why are interns in Silicon Valley getting rich?

Why are their peers still in college using food banks?

Why are turkeys getting bigger every Thanksgiving?

And why do we elect corrupt politicians?

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