Torturing the Truth: Why the CIA Report Won’t Change Anything by Russ Baker
The CIA torture report is as grim as can be imagined, and damning enough proof to change things. But it won’t.


Who is telling the truth about the CIA’s torture program—former CIA Director Michael Hayden or Senate investigators?

Who is giving out details from the classified portion of the torture report? Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) said those redactions hide key details and prove the CIA is still lying about the program.

Who isn’t sorry about a program that has many around the world calling for prosecutions? You can put Hayden on that list, along with torture memo author John Yoo and Dr. James Mitchell—the psychiatrist-architect of the profitable torture program who is now kayaking around Florida.

Who is sorry about torture? One of the interrogators from Abu Ghraib.

And who else engaged in the type of torture techniques utilized by the CIA? The Nazis and the Soviets.


What does Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) want her fellow Dems to kill? The $1.1 trillion budget bill that has a rollback of Dodd-Frank conveniently packed into it.

What does “the Left” want? They want Sen. Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But what do millionaires want? They want Hillary.

What does Obama want in Iraq? An option to put “combat boots” on the ground and the ability to widen the scope of the war. (Hmmmm. Think we heard a different story at the start.)

What will always be a “growth industry” for Wall Street? Killing people around the world.

What is getting flipped every three minutes? The switch on a new solar power project.


Why does Iran’s President blame ‘conspiracies’ for falling oil prices? It might have something to do with Saudi Arabia’s strange indifference to OPEC.

Why did FOX News have a “meltdown”? Because the torture report implies that America isn’t awesome!

And why are animals rejoicing? Because Pope Francis said all dogs do go to heaven.

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