ICYMI: Our Most Important Stories in 2014, by Russ Baker
Here’s a hand-picked collection of our best journalism this year. We hope it arms you with the power of information, and inspires you into the new year.


Who said combat is officially over in Afghanistan? President Obama did in his Christmas message.

Who killed three Afghan villagers in an airstrike the day after Obama’s Christmas message? The U.S. did, according to an official in Afghanistan.

Who signed a new military doctrine naming NATO and the U.S. as primary threats? Vladimir Putin.

And who hacked Sony? According to a growing number of security analysts and experts, it wasn’t North Korea.


What do autocrats do when they feel cornered? Some terrifying things, if 2014 is any yardstick.

What is “suspended coffee”? An anonymous gift of kindness that’s spreading around Italy and the world.


Why is Clint Eastwood’s new movie “political in the highest sense of the word”? Because ‘American Sniper’ explores “the use and abuse of state power.”

And why are speculators “stashing vast quantities of crude oil on tanker ships”? They’re betting on the future.

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