ICYMI: Torturing the Truth: Why the CIA Report Won’t Change Anything by Russ Baker
The CIA torture report is as grim as can be imagined, and damning enough proof to change things. But it won’t.


Who predictably called for the end of the debate over CIA interrogation methods? CIA Director John Brennan did during a news conference regarding the Senate Torture Report. Brennan defended the agency and did a few logical loop-de-loops in trying to answer the charge that Enhanced Interrogation Techniques a.k.a torture did not produce any actionable intelligence, particularly in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Who called for the resignation of Director Brennan? Outgoing Senator Mark Udall (D-CO).

Who predictably said the Senate Torture Report is “full of crap”? An unrepentant Dick Cheney … who also said President Bush was an “integral part” of the program.

And who can’t lecture other nations about human rights anymore? The U.S. better keep quiet from now on, according to China.


What is “out of reach” for more and more Americans? According to a new poll, the American Dream is fading fast as inequality grows even faster. In fact, neither last week’s “positive” economic news nor declining gas prices have inspired consumers to spend more this holiday season.

What is “Atlas”? It’s a nifty little program that allows Facebook to track what you buy even when you do decide to leave the couch to buy stuff at a “bricks-and-mortar” store.

And what’s taking over the world’s oceans? Five trillion pieces of plastic garbage produced by decades of throwaway consumer culture.


Why did the U.S. scuttle negotiations for an American hostage in Yemen? The FBI certainly doesn’t want Luke Somers’ family to ask that question publicly.

Why did the U.S. try to co-opt Cuban rappers? To overthrow the Cuban government.

Why did Citigroup get to write a bill that relaxes regulations targeting Citigroup? Because it can.

And why was Karl Marx right … up to a point?

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