Now that ebola hysteria has stopped interrupting regular programming and the American patients are cured, the risk is gone, right? Not so fast …


Who has the U.S. killed in recent airstrikes? Three top Islamic State leaders were eliminated in recent weeks, according to Army Gen. Martin Dempsey.

Who found that drone strikes are often counterproductive? The CIA did, according to a secret report leaked by Wikileaks, .

And who is the target of Saudi Arabia’s deliberate attempt to crash the oil market? Hello, Tehran.


What has Jeb Bush done to his “web of interests” by signaling a presidential run? Put a spotlight on his private equity, energy and technology ventures.

What did Lawrence Summers get when Elizabeth Warren blocked his path to the Federal Reserve Chairmanship? A $28 million payday.


Why will drug-resistant “superbugs” become more dangerous than cancer? Overuse of antibiotics.

And why is the evidence that North Korea is behind the Sony hack flimsy?

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