Our Most Important Stories in 2014, by Russ Baker
Here’s a hand-picked collection of our best journalism this year. We hope it arms you with the power of information, and inspires you into the new year.

Happy Holidays to All! WhoWhatWhy Now will be back on December 26th to take you into the New Year.


Who got an early Christmas gift? President Obama’s present is wrapped up in the economic surge. And he’s also enjoying an upswing in his approval rating.

Who is using the specter of terrorism to keep prisoner abuse photos secret? As ever, the Pentagon is relying on terrorism fears to help keep its secrets.

And who is going to Iraq? More private contractors.


What is terrorism? The definition is even more confused in the wake of the Sony hack.

What are the five takeaways from Jeb Bush’s just-released emails?

And what does Russia’s failing economy look like?


Why do monsters haunt Christmas in Europe, but not America?

Why does Japan think Colonel Sanders is Father Christmas?

And why did Julian Assange create Wikileaks?

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