Pricing Your Children’s Health

While the nation faces no shortage of cutbacks, one area that’s frighteningly overlooked is the federal funding for life saving immunization programs. The GOP is proposing new cuts to the Center for Disease Control that in the long run will cost more than save. More importantly, it will hurt the most vulnerable of society: poor children and their families. Read more here.

Baby Einstein or Baby Frankenstein?

As someone who has worked with kids, I’ve often felt if it would be better to let children play than cram them with information. According to experts at MIT and UC Berkley, there’s something to that.  Two new studies found that children who were made to learn through direct instruction were less curious, less creative and less likely to make new discoveries than their more carefree peers.

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Mo’ Money, Fewer Problems

Does more money make people happier? Certainly, up to a point, and especially for anyone in dire straits. But what if you’re making $100K a year? Does another $100,000 buy you more happiness? You may think so, but read this article, be surprised, then come back hear and share your thoughts.

Note: Above graph has not been scientifically proven.

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Internet Spy Bots

As if viruses and spam weren’t enough, now there’s a new thing to be paranoid about: fake internet personas looking to wage propaganda psyops. The military claims it won’t infiltrate social media sites like Facebook or Twitter with these creepy “sock puppets”. They say they’re only targeting foreign threats to our national security. Read this and decide for yourself.

The Business of Death

What’s the difference between war and humanitarian intervention? Comments welcome.

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0 responses to “WORTH READING: No Shots; Baby Frankenstein; Money & Problems; BotPuppets”

  1. Yomoma says:

    more money, FEWER problems

  2. The Yankee Clipper says:

    Dear Russ, I think you are losing people by not looking at the bigger picture. There is Edwin Black who wrote “War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race “. Eugenics was big with Republicans and Democrats before the Nazi’s. Being under the flag of Mother Jones magazine and Russian Television, what are people supposed to think of your search for the “truth”? Also, there is the matter of Democratic Presidents apparently looking the other way when it came to “connections” between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben during World War II etc.

  3. russbaker says:

    Glad you like it. We’re still experimenting with stuff, so appreciate all feedback.

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