No One Need Apply

No One Need Apply

Corporations are hitting record profits this year so where are all the jobs? Despite massive tax incentives for job creation, companies like Verizon and GE are cutting back their workforce rather than increasing it. Perhaps it’s time to provide them with some disincentives to turn the tide for America’s unemployed. Read more here.

Best Place to Work?

The best place in the US to get a job is Mississippi, right? According to a new report by the Chamber of Commerce, Mississippi was ranked highly for its state’s job growth. But what the Chamber of Commerce takes into account in this dubious analysis (states’ safety regulations, child labor laws and the minimum wage) is better for business than it is for working people. Read more here.

Where to Get Sick

Getting sick is unpleasant enough. Getting the bill from the hospital can often be just as bad. But where we live can also have an impact on the final cost. Southern Californians pay significantly less for hospitalization than do Northerners. This is due in part to robust competition among health care providers. But the pressure to consolidate in Southern California is mounting, and patients will be left holding the bill. Read more here.

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10 years ago

Time to wake up Corporations don’t want more jobs here it costs them too much and the bottom line is all that matters

10 years ago

I think it’s time to carefully investigate and vigorously prosecute CORPORATE CRIME! When found guilty of “capital crime” corporations should have their charters revoked! That would be a first step toward real economic recovery…

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