Here’s some more things to worry about! Fashion articles that can damage your health—or those on your shopping list.

Far be it for us to steal stuff from other websites (as almost every “news” website does nowadays), but when we run across something intriguing, even on a shamelessly commercial site, we think we ought to at least summarize what’s being said. So here goes one…..

Before you finish your holiday shopping and related debauchery, consider this:

-Tight pants (skinny jeans in particular) may very well compress the nerve that runs down the thigh, and cause pain and even blood clots.

-Facial piercings may potentially impact your brain. Especially when the piercer doesn’t get it quite right (and of course we trust those total strangers, don’t we?) you can end up off-balance or with your eyes out of alignment.

-A lot of cheap women’s handbags, even the most stylish of knock-offs, are full of lead

-Wearing a bra while sleeping (apparently some women do that) can cause sleeplessness—pressure on the skin suppresses melatonin

-Men, here’s something for you! Wearing a tie, even moderately tight, can lead to misdiagnoses for glaucoma, and even cause real damage to the retina.

Moral of the story: strive to be less of a consumer, less of a fashionista, less relentlessly cool, let it all hang out….and life will automatically improve, in myriad ways. Happy holidays!

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