Holy flying windmills, Batman! Can airborne wind generators, flying over rural areas, be a major source of clean energy?

Check out these designs for Flying Electric Generator (FEG) technology, or Flying Windmills.

Advocates assert that

High Altitude Wind Power uses flying electric generator (FEG) technology in the form of what have been more popularly called flying windmills, is a proposed renewable energy project over rural or low-populated areas, to produce around 12,000 MW of electricity with only 600 well-clustered rotorcraft kites that use only simple autogyro physics to generate far more kinetic energy than a nuclear plant can.

…Flying windmills appear to be 90 percent more energy efficient in wind tunnel tests than their land-based counterparts…due to simple yet constantly abundant and effective high altitude wind power, available only 15,000 feet in the air by way of clustered rotor craft kites.

Let’s hear from our science-minded readers on this!



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