Judge George O'Toole Jr. excluded the press from what's supposed to be a public trial, in a case that's already been swathed in secrecy. Here's the latest on the trial of Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, reported by WhoWhatWhy's team in and out of the courtroom.
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This will obviously be a kangaroo court style conviction. There is not a military style dictatorship on Earth that can compete with our utter depravity in the phoney cause of national security.


Our ostensible government is attempting to make the citizenry morally depraved, intimidating the Supreme Court to rubber stamp constitutional violations, or overturn the constitution piece by piece.

The secret government wants EVERYONE DANCING TO THE GOLDEN CALF at the base of mt. Sinai.

Now how did that work out?

Let’s hope the citizens of the USA DONT FALL PREY to the evolving sociopathy.


Too late!


Too late for what?


Why was my comment deleted? It was a reply in agreement with yours.

daniel wilson

what did you say? Oh , and this site is exceptionally suspect in its deletion of comments that I can personally attest to have at least sometimes been simply personal observations. I come to this site to gather a tiny bit of information and to see if my theory that they will never ever admit to psychological operations is correct. The FACT that we can prove beyond any doubt that most people at the smoke bomb scene were lying by way of personal accounts AND corroboration with visual and physical evidence will probably never be acknowledged here. I suspect possibly eventually they might say stuff like “it’s a possibility some people are lying about their injuries for financial gain” or something like that. I wish nothing but love for whowhatwhy.org (thanks for changing that randomly on us without mention here , ha) but keep an eye on it like I would a disciple given to me by an outside kingdom.


That is NOT JAHAR. This court is proforma.
How do I know?
Because he is a more alert & diligent individual. This person is a space cadet.

Too wit:
“In 2011, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote an English assignment while attending UMass Dartmouth about the West Memphis Three, who many believe were wrongly accused.
‘In this case it would have been hard to protect or defend these young boys if the whole town exclaimed in happiness at the arrest. Also, to go against the authorities isn’t the easiest thing to do. Don’t get me wrong though, I am appalled at the situation but I think that the town was scared and desperate to blame someone. It’s because of stories like this and such occurrences that make a positive change in this world. I’m pretty sure there won’t be anymore similar tales like this. In any case, if they do, people won’t stand quiet, I hope.’ ”



He might be drugged to prevent him from being cognizant of the proceedings. Would that surprise anyone here?


“Oh my gosh! That’s the defendant. Uhm, unresponsive. Really uninterested in the whole process. Had very little contact with his defense team. He was sitting in the middle of them. Uhm, really didn’t look at the jury pool. Didn’t look at the media that was there. Didn’t look at the judge when he addressed the defendant. He was uninterested in the whole process.”



I hate to think about what may have been done to him while in custody!