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Kevin Cannell

The bombs on Laurel st. exploded near the Tsarnaev’s, not near the police. Why?

ra wo

Is the grey and black backpack found on Laurel St. the one Dzhokar was wearing in the video? I thought that was the one he put down at the Marathon that exploded.

Still trying to get someone to notice there is a big problem with the photo taken by Marathon runner David Green showing Dzhokhar turning the corner after the bombs. In the video surveillance compilation using what seems to be that photo, DT is flush with the wooden door. In the Green photo he is well past the wooden door.

Green said he only took one photo: ““It was one shot and it was the shot that counted.”

Was there another bystander who took almost exactly the same photo as Green? Why didn’t they use Green’s photo? Is it doctored from start to finish?

Detail of David Green photo showing Dzhokhar fleeing bombing, past the wooden door

Photo shown to jury in surveillance video montage, at 9:02, Dzhokhar flush with wooden door

Also DT’s pack clearly does not contain a 30 lb. pressure cooker bomb. There is too much slack and at 2:10 in the prosecution’s video he is strolling casually with both hands in his pockets and carrying the bag easily by one strap. That’s not what 30 lbs. feels like as any backpacker knows.

Will somebody wake the f up and pay attention? We are missing one huge impossibility and question after another, these should be headlines. There’s more.

Dzhokhar both hands in pockets, casual stroll bag by one strap – no way it’s 30 lbs. it would be slipping off his shoulder, and he is not an especially big or broad shouldered guy.

more at:

Question which must be asked in Tsarnaev trial — Were they alone?


I’m all for questioning claims reported as facts, but FBI Agent Kevin Swindon was in no way required to know anything about the Tsarnaev Family–he was one of hundreds of agents recruited to process the digital evidence, and that’s his only job here. Not to analyze it. To process it. Not to assign significance to it for the broader case. Just to process it by making a “forensic copy” and then allowing that copy to be analyzed by the agents responsible for that job.

ra wo

subpoena the police report on the second shootout in Watertown, WTF?


If the fingerprints on the pressure cooker lids were either brothers, for sure the crooked judge O’Toole would allow for the question to be answered.

Can this trial get any more obvious? I’m with the people who believe that this was an actual FBI crime and frame up. Could Tima be part of the process in setting up the brothers? Such as, recruit Jahar and Tamerlan as informants, offer good money, then make them think they are being sent out to gather info on various potential “extremists”, and set Jahar up with ‘Tima’, who is really just another FBI agent and record the conversations in some way. Then, you have a conversation that makes Jahar look like he’s associating with extremists.

The Defense cannot do anything to help this young man, because they ARE the government themselves. They are there to protect the government from it’s crime against it’s own citizens. And this is why the family was not allowed to get a private lawyer; because the case would have been dismissed by now.

So, how does the American people go about prosecuting the government for something like this? If the congress was not corrupted, possibly they could. But otherwise, I just don’t see how any of us, can help get this boy off death row and get the perpetrators that did this to innocent bystanders who were simply enjoying the day.


Interesting how they displayed Chrystal Campbell’s photos to Jury after a few days of very questionable testimonies and well after most the gruesome and emotional stories. Almost like they’re using her for emotional impact on the jury. I’m sure they do not want too much thinking and rationalization on part of the jury.

ra wo

The Tsarnaev defense team is remiss not to call more witnesses, such as:

Dun Meng and possibly the police officer who took his report, how did
Meng go from being hijacked on Third Street Cambridge, and suddenly now
on 60 Brighton Ave., Boston? I live here. They are miles apart on
opposite sides of the river. This impeaches this testimony, and the only
connection between DT and Collier except the kid who was whizzing by on
his bike.

– Defense should put exact pressure cooker, cut off
handle, loaded to 30 pounds, in a backpack and have jurors look at it
and heft it. Refer to still frame of DT with backpack, and video of him
sauntering with his thumbs hooked in his pockets. Ain’t no 30 pounds in
there, and no pressure cooker. You would see round shape in sharp relief
and stress lines. Someone else dropped it.

– Drill down on who “Tima” is, breaks open the whole they-didn’t-do-it-alone idea, which
most people can get with rather than trying to show DT is innocent.
They were probably set-up as part of some drill or exercise. Once they
saw the double-cross they decided to go down shooting. Turn attention
to early FBI contacts and the FBI Moscow Bureau surveillance, in the
McCaul report, which shows that when the FBI says they “dropped off the
radar” they are full of it. Was there an informant handler like the
mother said? Is that “Tima?”

More points:

Prosecution contradicts itself on the existence of a store video from Macy’s showing
Tamerlan and a woman buying five pressure cookers.

“Mystery” tweets from Dzhokhar to a third party, not Tamerlan, on “jihad.”
Backpacks are not matching, prosecution suggesting bombs too
sophisticated to be made by amateurs, which corroborates US House
committee report, linked at this report:

“Tsarnaev defense fails to ask hardest questions”

Finally, read (sourced from court documents):

Question which must be asked in Tsarnaev trial — Were they alone?

“Tsarnaev Trial: Police Court Documents Contradict on Location of Carjack Victim”

This looks like a frame-up if ever there was one, standard FBI entrapment scheme. In the 1993 WTC bombing they watched patsies and informants put in the bomb then told the informant it would be fake gunpowder. OOPS but they “forgot” to make the switch, bomb goes boom. http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/OK/wtcbomb.html


This is good. thx

Tom Fontaine

y/w friend


What a coincidence that US Ranger John Moynihan, who was at watertown shootout, was shot in face yesterday and is in critical condition in coma.