Petraeus and President Obama in better days.

Petraeus and President Obama in better days.

There’s no doubt that Gen. David Petraeus’ affair was a colossal blunder: it forced him from the CIA’s top job and tarnished what had been a sterling military career.

But was the general sharing more than just his bed with a junior officer, and will it land him in prison?

The New York Times reports that the Justice Department has recommended a felony prosecution against Petraeus for sharing classified information with his paramour:

The Justice Department investigation stems from an affair Mr. Petraeus had with Paula Broadwell, an Army Reserve officer who was writing his biography, and focuses on whether he gave her access to his C.I.A. email account and other highly classified information.

F.B.I. agents discovered classified documents on her computer after Mr. Petraeus resigned from the C.I.A. in 2012 when the affair became public.

The key question here is timing. There is evidence, which WhoWhatWhy reported exclusively, that Petraeus’ affair was known to his rivals in the intelligence apparatus as early as 2011. That, and other facts, suggest that Petraeus may have been marked for a takedown.

The decision on whether to move forward with a prosecution apparently remains in the hands of Attorney General Eric Holder. Petraeus, for his part, is unwilling to accept a plea agreement, and has powerful allies pushing for clemency. He remains in his position as chairman of the KKR Global Instititute, the geopolitical arm of private equity giant KKR.

As for Broadwell, her name had all but fallen off the headlines and, it appears, out of the crosshairs which are now aimed at Petraeus. As a military intelligence reservist, she would be intimately familiar with the rules surrounding classified information. If Broadwell accessed material that she knew had been provided illegally, she theoretically could face prosecution, too.

Whether she is investigated or not will be an answer itself to the bigger question we first asked: Was Petraeus targeted, with Broadwell as the bait? Take a look at our investigation and decide for yourself whether it was indiscretion or intrigue.

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Carine Clary

If the NSA has access to everyone’s email accounts shouldn’t they have been checking on Petraeus? And the people with whom he was corresponding, and the people who were using his passwords, and the locations of the IP addresses which were accessing his emails? Or perhaps they were and they just let the rope pay out till it was long enough to hang the good general with.


These types of power struggles among the elite are VERY interesting. Who is opposed to Petreaus? He’s been carrying the establishment’s (War Party’s) water since Iraq. Furthermore, didn’t he wait to start the affair until he was OUT of uniform, and a civilian?

Carine Clary

No, I’m pretty sure he was “All In” well before that.


Petreus was “exposed” to the public following the online false flag hack of Stratfor ( – note the date of the presentation that is a play by play of the Stratfor hack without mentioning its name, March 2012, when the FBI triumphantly arrested people it exercised complete command and control over via their handler Sabu from June 8, 2011 on).

The online false flag provided a media parallel construction case against him. “Oh look, Petreus showed up to a dinner at the Yemen Embassy with a woman other than his wife.”

The Stratfor hack was an amalmagation of all of the unconstitutional surveillance techniques to

a) Take down Petreus as CIA director and as a potential future presidential candidate – as the NSA and Five Eyes were obviously reading all of Stratfor’s emails, along with everyone else’s in the US and the world
b) Entrap Hammond
c) Set up and silence Barrett Brown
d) Drive a wedge within the Anonymous movement (fear that there were more Sabus)
e) Feed malware and exploits ( to Wikileaks from the FBI-provided server
f) “Justify” further monitoring of Wikileaks since the hack, along with the Syria hack (orchestrated by the FBI and US government to gain support for military intervention against Syria, as well as feed Wikileaks exploits as its email transfer was monitored and materially assisted by the US government), drove more visitors to Wikileaks which was, and remains, under constant surveillance (

The very existence of the FBI server (that we know of), as well as the FBI real-time monitored uninterrupted email transfer to Wikileaks AFTER AntiSec agreed that no money would be exchanges for ANYTHING they hacked (making the government media plant suggestion that it was a ruse to take down Assange yet another one of many Stratfor online false flag / perception management campaign lies), make Agent Smith and all other FBI and or other intelligence community personnel involved in directing, monitoring real time, and materially assisting the LulzSec / AntiSec ten month hacking spree accessories before, during and after the fact and liable for prosecution for those FELONY crimes, as well as for engaging in an overt FELONY cover-up since March 2012 by feeding disinformation to the press about the true nature of the online false flag, the malicious prosecution and false imprisonment – as well as stripping of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Amendment Rights of – the entrapped Jeremy Hammond and “thought criminal” gonzo journalist Barrett Brown.

Agent Smith and his cohorts also engaged in bulk violation of USC Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sections 241 and 242, in addition to bulk violation of 1st, 4th, 8th and 9th Amendment rights of over 800,000 mostly US citizens – by Agent Smith, the FBI and almost certainly other US and UK agencies who provided over 1,000 targets for hacking – 300 of which were hacked under their watchful eye, meaning they also violated United States Code Sections 1030 (a) 5 (A), 1030 (c) 4 (B) (i), and C 4 (A) (i) (I) as accessories before, during and after the fact, providing direct material assistance for those felony computer crimes.

It must be noted that the judge that presided over the obscene miscarriage of justice against Iraq lie based invasion and 9/11 whistleblower Susan Lindauer, Judge Loretta Preska, praised Sabu for preventing 200 hacks – yet 100 more hacks, including that of Stratfor, a US based and US citizen employing company, still took place under the US government’s watchful eye. So to “prevent” 200 hacks, the government allowed 300 hacks to take place.

It is no “coincidence” that Michael Hastings died in a car crash that ejected the engine 130 feet over a tree considering that he was working on a *major* “blow-your-mind” story on Brennan and Barrett Brown – Hasting’s post humous story on Brown being an intro to the big one that burned up in the suspicious car crash(ing).

Whowhatwhy might want to ask Sabu what he was talking about (

(5:04:25 AM) Sabu: Man I tell you. When I finally get a chance to speak a lot of truth is going to blow peoples minds

(5:23:29 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: other issue is how did the FBI let you do the things you did

(5:23:45 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: that is, that is “claimed” you did :P

(5:23:56 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: while you were “working” for them

(5:24:25 AM) Sabu: Mhm

(5:26:02 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: the legal documents

(5:26:11 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: they dont have dated signatures

(5:26:23 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: or a witness to the signing /dated signature

(5:26:34 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: also yours are different from some of the others

(5:26:49 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: from same area/office

(5:27:00 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: makes me think they are fake

(5:27:17 AM) Sabu: Good things to question. Sadly no one is questioning like you are

(8:40:40 AM) Sabu: and they’re doing shit with little court restrictions

(8:41:01 AM) Sabu: they’ll go through your entire life and your girlfriends and your parents and her parents and your old boss until they find a scrap of evidence against you

(8:41:07 AM) Sabu: then find a way to blackmail your ass

(8:41:15 AM) Sabu: im not even fucking exagerating

(8:41:24 AM) Sabu: I’m disgusted by what I’ve seen

WWW should also submit an FOIA request on all transcripts, emails and related communications between the State Department and Stratfor in regards to their visit to Stratfor in the summer of 2011, coincidentally just after Sabu became an FBI handler for LulzSec / AntiSec.

Whowhatwhy might also want to examine why there was any Verizon report on the hack, which was apparently paid for, considering the FBI could have provided all of the information to Stratfor for free as they a) Targeted b) Monitored real-time c) Materially assisted the hack. It seems the Verizon report – that was “leaked” – is part of the story / narrative building to keep the online false flag narrative alive, which is key to perpetuate the “oh look” narrative regarding Petreus, and the malicious prosecution and false imprisonment of both Hammond and Brown.

Whowhatwhy might also want to submit an FOIA request on to just how many FBI / US government servers there were and what emails made it to them and if those emails made it to Wikileaks or not – as this would indicate government, and Stratfor executive, pre-meditation and a giant lie-based perception management campaign.


Though his beliefs and worldview may not be the same as mine or yours, Petreus carries the stench of integrity and this is odious to the M-I machine. Mix knowing too much with integrity and you have a loose cannon that has to be ditched.


Betrayus is a example of a huge bloated officers corps. Thousands of officers staffing hundreds of bases world wide just waiting for retirement while the enlisted are slaughtered in repeated worthless combat.

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