Taking medicine
Big Brother Inside: The US Food and Drug Administration approved a system for tracking ingestion of medicine. The "digital" pill has an ingestible sensor that sends information to a wearable patch connected to a mobile app that transmits to a web-based portal. The system can also record activity level as well as self-reported rest and mood data.
Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from liz west / Flickr (CC BY 2.0) and Dennis Jarvis / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Big Brother Inside You?

DAPL Company Targeted Environmentalists ; African Nationalism’s Strange End ...and More Picks

DAPL Company Targeted Environmentalists ; African Nationalism’s Strange End ...and More Picks 11/16

Dakota Pipeline Company Targeted Environmentalists (Jeff C.)

Three former contractors tell the Intercept about Energy Transfer Partners’ elaborate attempts to bring legal challenges to protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline.

The Strange End of African Nationalism (Dan)

The African nationalist movement swept out old colonizing forces in the 20th century. Now, with the apparent coup against Robert Mugabe, the movement has become the ancien regime.

When Jazz Age Superstar Josephine Baker Spied on the Nazis (Trevin)

Excerpted from Meredith Hindley’s Destination Casablanca: “The African-American singer and dancer was the toast of Paris when French intelligence asked her to spy on the Axis. It became one of her greatest performances.”

How an FBI Case Unravels (Reader Steve)

How does a case with fullproof evidence and witnesses suddenly fall apart? A problem with how the FBI selects informants.

How Trump and the Media Model Work (Dan)

The GOP’s tax plan is wildely unpopular. The Democrats want to stress this issue — but they have to compete with Trump, and the media.

Koch Brothers Look to Help Buy Time Inc. (Chris)

The New York Times reports that Charles and David Koch “have tentatively agreed” to contribute “an equity injection of more than $500 million” to a bid by (Family Circle‘s publisher) Meredith to purchase Time Inc.


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