Building 7 before it collapsed

Building 7 before it collapsed

An effort to put a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 up for vote in New York City won’t be on the November ballot, after a New York State Supreme Court judge upheld a ruling dismissing the proposed referendum.

The High-Rise Safety Initiative, which raised $350,000 and collected about 100,000 signatures to support its effort, decided not to appeal the decision by Judge Paul Wooten. Why? To keep open an avenue to try again at the next election in 2016, according to Ted Walter, the group’s executive director.

“We are going to take a little break, and try to evaluate whether we can redraft the petition to be successful in the future,” he told WhoWhatWhy.

The chances of winning on appeal now are slim and a loss now would foreclose an opportunity to counter the City’s use of a particular technicality to successfully scuttle this attempt, Walter said. That involved a finding that the High-Rise Safety Initiative’s proposed ballot measure was “merely advisory” and therefore not allowed. A special referee assigned to oversee the case (whose findings Judge Wooten upheld) also ruled that the group’s plan to finance the investigation wasn’t legally permissible.

That the High-Rise Safety Initiative made it this far should be considered against this fact: only two proposed referenda have made it to the ballot in New York City in the last 50 years. And neither of those cost money to implement, as the High-Rise Safety Initiative would have. New York City electoral laws are written such that it’s next to impossible to get any similar measures in front of voters.

In a few months, the High-Rise Safety Initiative will discuss whether to try again, considering three factors before proceeding, Walter said.

Those are: 1) Whether it can propose a plan to finance the investigation that can’t be challenged 2) Whether it can surmount the City’s legal argument that the proposed referendum is “merely advisory” and 3) If it can raise the minimum $300,000, especially now that this round in court has demonstrated just how long the odds against success are.

Until that happens, the question of how Building 7 collapsed so swiftly and uniformly will remain a baffling part of the story of 9/11 still unanswered by the official probe.

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Journalists and citizens could do more to get this issue the attention and awareness it deserves.

Solving the Mystery of WTC 7:

7 Facts about Building 7:


Meanwhile, why not take the petitions over to the Dept. of Buildings directly and demand that they take some action to investigate Building 7? (or copies of the petitions if originals weren’t returned). The Dept. has the authority. There are aspects they could investigate for little or no money. They should at least acquire the input data from NIST showing how an unprecedented “collapse” could occur from fires, imploding the entire structure in the exact manner as a controlled demolition. The public safety is threatened by the D.O.B. and architects and engineers NOT having access to this information. 100,000 NYC residents have spoken. At least force the D.O.B. to throw away the signatures on camera.


Crowdfund an investigation into the highest level crook involved if you run into any issues. They probably have ethical liabilities that would force their recusal or retirement that are matters of public record. Keep booting them out like that until they cave in and are forced to rig a vote. The whole system is about to go bust, anyway.


Obviously there is nothing that the American people can do to expose and bring to justice the real perpetrators of 911. Let them walk all over America in the name Zionism.

Cindy Kowalski

When the rest of the world finally wakes up and figures out what they did, there will be hell to pay! For the perpetrators, the ones that covered it up AND THE ONES WHO STOOD IDLY BY!!!!!!!!

Robert Newton

Sorry CIndy, but the rest of the world woke up years ago, and they’re waiting for the citizens of the US to do likewise. Until that happens, the current police state regime (and the “Fix”) will remain in place.

Ask yourself this: If Al Qaeda were the fiends who did 9-11, how come no-one said a word when they became our bosom buddies when we overthrew Gaddafi in Libya ten years later? Or attempting the overthrow of Assad in Syria? No questions asked, no answers given.

Unfortunately it has come to the point where only an armed uprising will get you the truth. Why do you think the government is arming itself to the teeth – and trying to disarm us? Too many prominent citizens would end up on the gallows if the truth came out. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” (Benjamin Franklin).

True then, and true now.


Unbelievable. Another hurdle to jump over.


It is especially annoying that NYC has a method to put propositions directly to the voters (real democracy), but the city makes it impossible to actually use it. It is symbolic of our entire country; we have the illusion of democracy, but if the people actually try to influence their corrupt government, they are told to go away and shut up. In this case, two people, a “special referee” and a judge, told more than a 100,000 New York City residents who signed the petition to shove it.


since the village idiot was put in office it’s ‘in your face’ and what the eff are you, the public, gonna do about it.. The MIC will declare war on anyone or any country for any reason whatsoever. Pay your fees America and shut the hell up.


That was the whole point of the office: install an idiot puppet to distract the masses.


Sort of reminds me of the old saying, “If voting ever changed anything, it would be illegal.”


A republic is rulership of the self declared ‘elite’. The vote is just a formality. Only those who count every ballot can determine the true outcome. Nobody counts every ballot.


Why do we have to entice the government to do the investigation? Hire a reputable, non-biased firm or agency to conduct the investigation outside of the scope of the government. Stop fighting the self serving corporate whores on their home turf.


I agree with you ScottB… an independent investigation has already been done arguably. (Of course without subpoena power). AE911Truth has concluded that Building 7 is a demolition… The Toronto Hearings have also weighed the evidence. Harrit/Farrer/Jones have investigated the WTC dust samples and concluded that explosives were used. The problem is getting justice. The Manhattan DA won’t act. The FBI won’t act on the evidence FROM these independent investigations. But yes… we need to shift gears from asking the gov. to investigate “WHAT” happened to demanding they prosecute “WHO” did it. That stems from a justice strategy. We should be called “justicers” now. :)


CIA (criminals in action) and Mossad, twin evils.


Let me second your recommendation of Another Nineteen — it is THE book to read about 9/11, and I’ve read a lot of them. What struck me the most about this book was how many names in it first achieved notoriety in connection to the JFK assassination. In other words, our failure as a nation to honestly investigate JFK and prosecute the guilty emboldened them and led directly to another 3,000 dead and the final destruction of the US as a constitutional democracy decades later. Our parents put their heads in the sand and we are paying the price today.

Harold Smith

It’s far too late to do anything “within the system” to change the system. If this were not the case, our Masters wouldn’t have even attempted the 9/11 attack in the first place.


I’m afraid you’re right. The mechanism for control has been locked in place going back to the JFK coup. Still I admire any patriots who try, try and try yet again!


Debunking WTC 7

Answering the questions of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth


This is an orange > a classic


“A combination of an uncontrolled fire and the structural damage might have been able to bring the building down, some engineers said. But that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have
been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures, Dr. Barnett said.”

Chuck B

here is a torrent for a bunch of good 911 book including the essential “Crossing the Rubicon” by Micheal Ruppert who died a short while ago.

Deep Space

That judge needs to be arrested immediately.

RJ O'Guillory

…the judge and the entire US Government going back fifty years need to be hunted down like animals…arrested…charged with treason…found guilty and hanged right there on the spot…no appeals process what so ever…if they are found guilty…hang them immediately…then let us start to offer some amnesty to those willing to come forward and tell the truth about the treason in this country for the last fifty years….until then…convict and hang them…all of them…starting with this judge…the filthy, bought off bastard….I hope someone from the prison the judge is sent to…right before his execution… cuts the man’s balls off…
RJ O’Guillory
Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family


Honorable attempt, but let’s face it. The Controllers, their media shills, and Minions have too much to lose for the truth to become mainstream or a part of the narrative. It won’t happen in our lifetime. Too many still caught in the matrix. The alternative (free and truthful) press is the only outlet besides those of us who are awake sharing the truth on a personal basis with anyone who will listen.


It will happen in our lifetime if we throw these traitorous government swine in prison where they belong to hone their prison farming skills.


Imagine my shock.


Bollyn always said the conspiracy owned the courts. especially NY courts. Any fair and equitable system keen for building safety would bang this initiative through toot sweet and land Pinocchio Sunder and his creatioNISTs in federal prison for life.
That the block is based on infinitesimal legalese protecting the conspiracy rather than on engineering merits arguing safety, proves ‘inside job’ all over again.


It is a very effective PR campaign for 9/11 truth. Enhancing building safety of course was not its central mission.

Karla Babe

every day strides are being made thanks to everyone that cares about the truth! the fat lady ain’t sung yet…
good luck moving forward to 2016….

beijing yank

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK
“This world is ruled by violence. You better get that through your head.”Bob Dylan
I’m afraid things are about to go hot now.

Donald Grbac

Peaceful revolution is still possible! With this judge’s ruling, it may not seem that way. But we still have a Constitution, and the Bill of Rights leaves the people in charge – not our elected and appointed officials.

We, the people, can enact the National Citizen’s Initiative for Democracy without violent revolution. American citizens are actually intelligent enough to make better decisions than our elected officials given all the facts on important issues. Our media makes it difficult to get all the facts, but we can change that with ballot initiatives. We can also pass an initiative for a new 9/11 investigation without it being shot down by some judge.

Go to


Tell that to Phillip Marschall’s family…


Well that all went according to plan then didn’t it? The courts are just revenue protection agencies and lost all credibility and unbiased status years ago, around 1913 when private central banking came into being and money became the new god!


It seems that the New York Times completely missed September 11, 2001 in their own backyard


If the group has the money, why not finance a private investigation?

Karl Golovin

I believe what the WTC-7/9-11 Truth and JFK/assassination records “movements” have in common is they have lacked (almost by design!) a timely and recurring geo-political focal point where, as the idea spreads, people can recapture the political value of “Just Showing Up” (think of how hundreds of thousands coming to DC in the early 70’s actually influenced withdrawal from Vietnam). Imagine the political impact if the tens of thousands who find themselves rendered politically impotent by the extraordinary blocking of the “High-rise Safety Initiative” from the ballot in NYC would pool their collective outrage with those who, for example, have grown numb from lack of any outlet to overcome political inertia that withholds records, after 50+ years, related to JFK’s assassination? I have asked both WhoWhatWhy and JFKfacts to republish (or report on) exactly that idea, as I’ve written (and grant license to republish, after expiration of 72 hour exclusivity window tomorrow morning) on OpEdNews: . To summarize: “On 11/22/14, 12pm, ‘Peaceably Assemble,’ petitioning by your mere presence, requiring real transparency on 9/11, JFK and much more – on the public terraces of ‘The Kennedy Center,’ Washington, D.C.”


Failure to investigate 9/11 is worse than a complete breakdown of our justice system — it’s an attempt to not even use it.