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The power of cyber weapons, the depths of our gun culture, who owns history, and the relevance of our Constitution in 2023 make up the final five of this year’s “Best Of” WhoWhatWhy podcasts.

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Marking our eighth year of podcasts at WhoWhatWhy with over 450 dialogues, our podcast journey has been a virtual odyssey. It’s allowed us to traverse the globe, engaging with a kaleidoscope of voices in politics, religion, journalism, business, culture, academia, science, economics, history, and medicine. Along this voyage, you listeners have been my fellow travelers, sharing in the insights and inspirations drawn from some of the world’s most interesting minds.

cyber security, hackers

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Cyber Weapons and a New Arms Race… Without Firing a Shot

Nicole Perlroth sees the next world war being fought on a cyber battlefield and the threat of mutually assured destruction is already happening. 04/07/2023 Listen.

Black Panther Party, Second Amendment

The Black Panther Party exercising their First and Second Amendment rights at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA, May 2, 1967. Photo credit: CIR Online / Wikimedia

The Real Reason We Can’t Contain Gun Culture

Carol Anderson looks at the unsettling connection between the Second Amendment, America’s gun culture, race, slavery, and the fear of Black retribution. 04/21/2023 Listen.

American Symbols, Reagan, Liberty, Eagle, Iwo Jima, Mount Rushmore

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Whose History Is It?

Julian Zelizer looks at how the myths of American history are being enhanced and weaponized for a partisan agenda. 02/17/2023 Listen.

hegemony, eagle, earth

Photo credit: Illustration by WhoWhatWhy from Jonathan lajoie / Pexels and Nasa

How China, Russia, and Iran Are Just Following the US Example

Sean A. Mirski explains the US’s historical ascent to global dominance, and the implications for China, Russia, and today’s geopolitical landscape. 06/30/2023 Listen.

Foundation of the American Government

Foundation of the American Government by Henry Hintermeister. Photo credit: Henry Hintermeister / Wikimedia

Our Constitution Is Outdated and Needs to Be Replaced

Robert Ovetz argues that the US Constitution is an elitist rulebook designed to protect capitalism? 02/24/2023 Listen.


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