suspects1and2EditHow many times have you heard “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

In spite of those words being echoed in court every day, criminal trials are often anything but a search for the truth. The court may be the trier of fact, but often facts are like Legos; they can be assembled in many ways to create different objects and stories.

Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker and the team at WhoWhatWhy have been working for years to try and assemble those facts in a way that gives us some objective truth, in the story of the brothers Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Russ and reporter Jim Henry talk to Jeff Schechtman in this week’s RadioWHO podcast, to provide some context with which to observe the balance of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial and the process the facts and evidence.

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  • Jeff Schechtman’s career spans movies, radio stations and podcasts. After spending twenty-five years in the motion picture industry as a producer and executive, he immersed himself in journalism, radio, and more recently the world of podcasts. To date he has conducted over ten-thousand interviews with authors, journalists, and thought leaders. Since March of 2015, he has conducted over 315 podcasts for

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I am so grateful that WhoWhatWhy is looking into this case. You have the correct angle on this. It’s very relieving that the conversation here isn’t about crisis actors and fake explosives. Never stop the work you started! I have been posting updates since day one on the Boston Bombing Truth Facebook.


Excellent interview. My impression on a couple things:
* The Defense asked on Witness for the prosecution whether they had found a gun or ammo on the boat. The Prosecution objected twice and both times the Judge O’Toole sustained the objection. That would be a very important question. There is no reason it should have been sustained, except the Judge already knows his role in this escapade.

* Dun Meng said Tamerlan pointed a gun at his head when he first got in the car and then again he had a gun pointed at him when Meng’s phone rang. But on the witness stand he admitted he never saw a gun.

* Gas Station irregularities: Meng says he was in passenger seat up front and Jahar was seated behind him in the back seat. In the video, the SUV is seen pulling up to the gas pumps but the entire front end of car is hidden behind the pumps, as are the front doors. The two back doors are visible, however. We should see the back door open (at least we should see it a little) with Jahar come out and around from the left of the pumps. But he does not. We do not see any back doors open, and Jahar appears from the right side of the pumps, which would coincide with him being in the front seat. Later, after we watch Jahar’s calm manner in the store, the camera switches to the car/pumps and we see Meng dart out from the left side of the pumps. He never got out of the back so we assume he, too, was in the front, like Jahar was. So, there were several lies by Meng on this.

* From Ed Ward, MDs blog: He sets forth an interesting idea that MENG is actually not a hijacking victim but is the brother’s handler. He apparently had 235K on him in his car. The guy that writes on this blog seems very adamant that Meng was there to set the brother’s up for their final Sting and termination. Something happens and Meng decides to flee.
The guy that wrote this article said he had read about this back in 2013 but he cannot find the article now. (thanks to Google for ruining the Search engines).


Agree that this is an excellent interview.

Also agree on the judge having sustained the prosecution’s objection to the defense’s question on whether a gun or ammunition was found in the boat! Obviously a very relevant question. (Guess they have to keep the “shootout” myth going?)

Correction: Dun Meng did not state in court that he did not see a gun. He stated that he did not see Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with a gun. (I attended the trial that day and took notes.)


Russ is a wealth of truth in the poverty of media, even alternative media. Americans brain bludgeoned to not even ask questions. We might as well be living in Stalinist Russia.


Control the narrative, the rules of evidence, the media, control the patsie’s & manufacture the consent.


this is off this specific topic but has any evidence shown up as to any preparation for the martial law shut down in Boston before the bombing similar to FEMA setting up in NY City the day before 911 and all the other drill/real life coincidences e.g.7/7… I’m from Portland Or and somewhere I’d heard that the power structure here refused until recently to join the FBI task force for this very reason, drills going live.


Guilty until proven innocent.

Patriot from the nanny state

This trial is window dressing for the dumbed down sheeple of America.


the release of the gas station video has undermined a lot of the alternate version speculation? Seems like the government was actually telling the truth mainly, weird hey? well about that part anyways, they still have not released the required proof for their version though lmao, let’s see the damn video of them dropping their bags and then those tags being at the ones that are the source of the explosions. the various discrepancies in Danny’s stories, could just be chalked up to reporting errors I guess? and perhaps these reporting errors are more common than the public would think? and still we need a lot more information on why Tsarnaev pleaded innocent at first!