World Trade Center September 11, 2001 Photo credit:  Comer Zhao / Flickr

9/11 was a seminal day in US history, but, as noted author and historian Peter Dale Scott tells WhoWhatWhy, the true significance of what happened goes far beyond what meets the eye. In this podcast, Scott focuses in particular on the implementation of a secret “Continuity of Government” plan that had been decades in the making. Consequently, he argues, there has been “a permanent change to the United States” that permeates the lives of all Americans. The result, according to Scott, has been the suspension of Constitutional rights and the transformation of America in ways that we are still living with today.

In this eye-opening, in-depth podcast interview with WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman, Scott, a retired diplomat, professor, and father of the concept of “Deep Politics,” provides a whole new interpretation of the 9/11 attacks and the special opportunities they opened up for certain government elements to have a conflicted relationship with the law of the land — the US Constitution itself.

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Related front page panorama photo credit: Peter Dale Scott (Peter Dale Scott), Panorama of 9/11 Memorial (Neo_II / Flickr)


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  2. a.c.hall says:

    The fires in the rubble pile at Ground Zero burned for 3 months at Temperatures hot enough to Melt Steel. The only other Fire to achieve this was at Reactor No.4 at Chernobyl. The Coolant Water failed at Chernobyl causing a Meltdown,Explosion and Fire. The Fire was only slowed down with Liquid Concrete Bombs dropped at Low Altitude by Soviet Helicopters.All the Helicopter Pilots died of Radiation.

  3. Stephen Hand says:

    One need not believe 9-11 was anything but Jihadist blowback against an immoral, wrongheaded foreign policy to appreciate the need to demand rollback of Continuity of Government.

  4. SupernaturalCat says:

    Peter Dale Scott is a treasure for outlining this crucial data that clearly demonstrates long-term planning for either, A) a fully realized police state, replete with liquidation of dissenters, or B) dealing with the aftermath (i.e. remaining populace) in a post-nuclear war scenario.

  5. davol says:

    Understanding you are a victim of a coup d’état is half the battle America. If nothing else, secret President Dick Cheney is an old ******* who will probably be dead soon, and replaced by a nicer secret government President. I mean, it would be hard to get a worse secret government President. .

  6. Comments editor says:

    Can you provide references for these claims, please ?

  7. KaraZorEl_94 says:

    I hear people say that post-911 our lives are completely screwed. I’m not so sure they are MORE screwed than they’ve always been.

    For the majority of Americans, what really is different from 15 years ago, or 30 years ago or even 100 years ago. I look around and I see the same wealth controlling everything that has been for centuries, the same politicians on the take for decades, the same fight against the workers since the 1900s, a few strange things in the news here and there like spies and whatnot (like Robert Hanson or Edward Snowden, although in the case of Snowden, I certainly approve because it was more of a whistleblower thing than spying for a nation). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Honestly – what is really different for 99% of Americans post-911? The airport is just as annoying as it was 30 years ago and Carlin used to make fun of it in the 90’s. The shoe thing seems to have dissipated so that’s one less annoyance.
    Sure, a few people are detained in black sites nowadays, but y’all are nuts if you don’t think that crap happened in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, we just didn’t know about it because we didn’t have CNN and blogs. You don’t think some poor Japanese folks and German American citizens weren’t ripped out of their US homes in the mid-1940s and detained without anyone knowing where they were? And then some poor Russian americans during the 60s during that McCarthy craze. And then some more Russians during the Reagan era. (Although after watching the TV Show “The Americans” actually that might have been okay on a couple occasions LOL).

    This nonsense is all on replay and there won’t be any changes either way until we eat the rich. Anyone hungry?

    • HanzP says:

      A few of the fundamental changes I see since 9/11: Acceptance of full tilt propaganda, total unmitigated war, pedophilia and unapologetic class warfare — all shamelessly mainstreamed into American culture. Never before have we failed at these levels across the board like today.

  8. semper veritas says:

    I for one, do not believe the official version of what happened on September 11, 2001. It has been used as an excuse for denying us our rights — rights recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution.

  9. mike peine says:

    the 1% has always run the usa . they have chosen every president since 1787 by the electoral college . electors cross party vote & ABSTAIN from voting chosen candidates into office without prosecution . The suppression of free energy ocean wave action generators (1st patented in 1799) by the 1% company store in order to sell OIL is the worlds greatest crime . Today worth over ^$5TRILLION a YEAR . See IEEE Spectrum & Carnegie Wave Energy to start learning ?

  10. A Escalor says:

    “Continuity of Government plan that had been decades in the making. ”

    The Continuity of Government was to ensure order in a national emergency. William Bergman, a 14 year veteran at the Chicago Federal Reserve, wrote a paper about the Federal Reserve during a declared nation emergency or time of war – He discovered a strange surge in currency shipments just before 911:

    The Fed was not the only agency that covered up smoking guns – NIST looks pretty stupid here:

  11. Man on the street says:

    COG, or whatever. The bottom line here is if we push Putin and humiliate him enough, perhaps we can be looking for an end all nuclear war? OK, so as we have determination to survive by having this so called COG, how are we going to house the 300 million sheeple so that this country would make it? If half the country is radioactive, and half of the population are dead, how is that equal to pissing contest with PUTIN over SYRIA or the UKRAINE? Are our leaders insane?

    • VoxFox says:

      COG planners figure if the US government survives (& no-one else) while everyone in Russia (including government) are wiped out, then the USA wins – touch down!!

  12. musings2 says:

    You know how you often hear that CIA only works in foreign arenas, and not domestically – at least in the past? Well they were involved in C.O.G. drills before 9/11 – maybe a few years before – but they were therefore operating domestically.

    We know that summary execution by drones of American citizens has been justified by secret tribunals, whose deliberations cannot be seen by the American people. We know that dissenting journalists may be considered lawful prey in war (and just where is the war? everywhere). Many of the features of tyranny are firmly in place, ok’ed by secret determinations without opposition.

    The War on Terror has been a bonanza for some people, but the death knell of liberty for others.

  13. ErickDean says:


  14. davol says:

    Does this mean that Dick Cheney is still the US President?

  15. TheCogitator says:

    Without the ability to download this and listen on an MP3 player, I doubt I will take the time to sit in front of a computer to listen to this or any other topics discussed on this site. On an MP3 player, I can listen while I exercise. Please change so we can download.

    • ND52 says:

      Don’t listen then. You literally need information brought to you in the most convenient format before you’ll even consider listening?

      That’s just pathetic…………

    • TheCogitator says:

      There is only so much time in my day, and I have to be as efficient as I can. Count yourself as lucky that apparently you have all the time in the world. But since you do, maybe you should understand most of us don’t.

    • ND52 says:

      More like you’re just really bad at time management.

    • TheCogitator says:

      Since you know so much, why waste your time here — solve the world’s problems for us all. Then we can see just how superior you are. I get the impression you’re just a run of the mill jerk.

    • ND52 says:

      @TheCogitator:disqus And I get the impression that you’re most miserable when you have nothing to complain about………

      “Why won’t you bend over backward for me world…………….?”

    • EG says:

      Stop trolling

    • The PD Scott podcast mp3 has now been uploaded to the page and can be downloaded.

    • TheCogitator says:

      Thank you. It is always nice to hear from someone who is trying to be helpful.

  16. Blank Reg says:

    It would be nice to hear the podcast, but it really doesn’t matter. We know who the enemies of freedom are.

  17. russbaker says:

    See JohnDissed’s comment below for instructions

    • johndissed says:

      Hi, Suzan, If you click the link and don’t have the iTunes application on your computer you won’t be able to play/download directly from the link via Firefox or IE I don’t think. Have you downloaded the iTunes application?

    • The PD Scott podcast mp3 has now been uploaded to the page and can be downloaded..

  18. willow says:

    I’d love to listen, but he sounds like he has a mouth full of cotton. Is there a clearer recording?

  19. BurnThisRag says:

    Bush and Cheney lied America into war. Cheney likely committed treason and mass murder by orchestrating the 9/11 attacks to provide an excuse to get the wars going in the Middle East. The smoking gun is the collapse of Building 7.

    • allanwood says:

      So many smoking guns, really. Another big one is the complete lack of military response until the attacks were over.

  20. Greg M says:

    I’d love to hear this interview…but I get nothing.

  21. Burnis Tuck says:

    Wonderful revealing interview with the indispensable Peter Dale Scott. It’s chilling to know that we Americans now live under something, God knows what, really, called the Continuity of Government instead of the Constitution. Way to go Neocons! Thanks so much, Jeff Schechtman.

  22. allanwood says:

    Thanks for this. Is there any way to download the podcast? (It’s hard to listen on the computer, and I’d like to take the recording(s) with me for bus rides.)

    • johndissed says:

      You can subscribe for free and/or download all the episodes on iTunes here:

    • Bill Cervetti says:

      johndissed do you know more specifically how to download this particular whowhatwhy with P D Scott. There is a list of 45 podcasts but the most current ones don’t bear any titles, so one would have to go through all of those and maybe some of the ones WITH titles to find Scotts C of G expose. Thanks.

    • johndissed says:

      Yes, the most recent one is the PDS interview. It is dated 9/10/15. Until next week, it is Row 1 on the list. If you click “Subscribe” it should download. Or you can click the “Get” button and it will download into your iTunes “Podcasts” folder.

    • Bill Cervetti says:

      Thanks for the info, I will try that. But I eventually did try it direct from the link posted by PDS on Facebook, and even though most people said they couldn’t hear it, I could hear it well enough. But I’ll do it also from that Itunes site. Thanks.

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