David Talbot’s new book The Devil’s Chessboard (left) is about the reign and influence of CIA director Allen Dulles (right). Photo credit:  Book Cover (Harper Collins), Allen Dulles (US Government Photo / Wikimedia)

The Devil’s Chessboard, a new book on the CIA’s most powerful director, Allen Dulles, will be out next week. In this podcast, WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman interviews author David Talbot about his many new discoveries. These include World War II and Cold War secrets and crucial new information relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Devil’s Chessboard Book Cover (Harper Collins), David Talbot (author photo)

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  • Jeff Schechtman

    Jeff Schechtman’s career spans movies, radio stations and podcasts. After spending twenty-five years in the motion picture industry as a producer and executive, he immersed himself in journalism, radio, and more recently the world of podcasts. To date he has conducted over ten-thousand interviews with authors, journalists, and thought leaders. Since March of 2015, he has conducted over 315 podcasts for WhoWhatWhy.org

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