Trump Nation book cover and Tim O’Brien, author of Trump Nation Photo credit: Tim O’Brien / Twitter

Trump-Approved Then -Sued Author Reveals Candidate Character

Why has the public ignored everything that’s been out there for years about the man?


Nothing about Donald Trump has changed in the decade since Tim O’Brien was granted unprecedented access to write about him — only to be sued for his effort. Today, he tells WhoWhyWhy about the mogul's narcissism, greed, and psychopathy.

At this point millions of words have been written about Donald Trump.  But the underlying narrative remains the same: his behavior is consistent, his narcissism unwavering, his results always shaky.

Long before Campaign 2016, Trump telegraphed pretty much everything we are seeing today — even 10 years ago, when journalist Timothy O’Brien was granted unfettered access to Trump, only to wind up in court, upon publication of his book Trump Nation.

More showman than businessman, with a documented record  of repeated failures, Trump continues to play the public like a master puppeteer.

Is he our generation’s P.T. Barnum or a more frightening avatar of Joe McCarthy? Tim O’Brien talks with WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman about what we see and what we get when we confront this undeniable force in American politics.

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