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Cyber Security: How Much Are You Willing to Give Up for Safety’s Sake?

It’s Not Just about Privacy, It’s About Crime


Every single day, criminals from all over the world are coming over the cyber border right into our connected devices with little to stop them. But the problem goes way beyond someone stealing our credit card information.

Technology has seeped into every pore of our lives, but we’ve seen nothing yet.

The degree to which we will continue to rely on technology, the connectedness that will come from billions of devices hooked up to the so-called internet of things, and the ongoing battle for cybersecurity, will continue to evolve at an exponential pace.

And just as the benefits will increase, so too will the opportunities for nation states, criminals, terrorists and those eager to bend technology to their own nefarious purposes. And we’re making it easy for them, with software shipped without concern for security, law enforcers who don’t understand the threats, and tech companies that take no responsibility.

At some point we have to ask, How many people are living illegally inside our machines?

Should we be panicked by this? Or will it simply play out as the familiar good-guys-vs.-bad-guys scenario on a new, digital level?  

Marc Goodman, a former futurist for the FBI and investigator for Interpol, tells WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman, that the threats are in fact bigger than just credit cards being hacked: we may once again face a decision about whether to trade privacy for safety.


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