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A Unified Theory of Corruption – The Deep State

LongTime Capitol Hill Insider Exposes the Kind of Government We Really Have


Do you drive your friends nuts talking about the deeper influences beneath the surface of a corrupt society? Have you been accused of being paranoid or a conspiracy theorist because of these views? Now, a former longtime congressional staffer says you are not mistaken.

The Holy Grail of physics has always been to find what Einstein called a Unified Field Theory, or, as we’ve come to know it today, a theory of everything. One idea, one set of equations that could explain the physical universe.

Imagine if such a thing existed in government and politics. If we could look at the last 40 years of upheaval, change, and political dislocation, and find the one thread that explains it all.

The term “The Deep State” originated in the Ottoman Empire — where the Turks recognized that their leaders owed allegiance to elites, and placed the opportunities and prerogatives of nationalism, corporatism, and elites over the interest of its citizens.

Today, the term is just as apt. Those same allegiances on the part of today’s leaders may just be responsible for income inequality, perpetual war, the dominance of Wall Street, and a Military/Homeland Security Complex far greater, deeper and stronger than anything that President Dwight Eisenhower could ever have imagined. Many thinkers have looked at this, including people like Peter Dale Scott, who has written much about it here on the pages of

Now, Mike Lofgren — a long time Capitol Hill insider, Senate and House Budget Committee staffer — shares 28 years of up close and personal insight which has led him to similar conclusions.

Lofgren thinks he has found the unifying theory. From his Washington perch,he has observed deep and intricate connections between Wall Street, the military, defense contractors, political operatives, the treasury, elected leaders, and unnamed others. And he has perceived the presence of a shadow government.

This complex web was made even stronger by 9/11 and the 2008 financial meltdown. And it leaves out ordinary citizens — the patsies — as more and more money is sucked out of the system and denied to those looking for even the most basic government infrastructure and services.

Lofgren is out with a new book and, in this week’s podcast, he’s interviewed by WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman.  He talks the nitty gritty of the Deep State, showing once again that WhoWhatWhy is your Deep State Headquarters.

The book is called The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government, and it is published by Viking.

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