In ‘the people’s republic of Burlington, Vermont’

‘The People for Bernie rally was organized by several former Occupy Wall Street activists, including Ready for Warren co-founder Charles Lenchner. Activists wearing shirts denouncing fast-track trade authority, fracking and George W. Bush held hands in a circle and used the “people’s mic,” a call-and-response tactic used in the Occupy protests to help amplify people’s voices in the circle.’


‘On Tuesday, the [Sanders] campaign tapped New Hampshire labor organizer and former Run Warren Run state director Kurt Ehrenberg to run his operation there. The Sanders campaign has already been aggressively courting organized labor, a crucial area of support for him, and will be going after supporters of Warren, the liberal icon who is all but assured not to run for president.’

Source: It’s not your everyday Americans at Bernie Sanders’ kickoff rally – Jonathan Topaz – POLITICO


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