Despite a New York Times article that only highlighted Sanders popularity with his generation, polls – and the Clinton camp – are starting to worrying that Sanders might win the nomination. Well, maybe not win – but at least split the Democratic vote. More so than Martin O’Malley anyway:

“Insiders familiar with the Clinton campaign’s thinking described it as “frightened” of Sanders — not that he would win the nomination, but that he could damage her with the activist base by challenging her on core progressive positions in debates and make her look like a centrist or corporatist. The source described the campaign as ‘pleased,’ at least, that O’Malley and Sanders will split the anti-Clinton vote. A Clinton spokesman declined to comment.”

Also, here is a list of all the publications that Sanders has been featured in this week:

Bernie Sanders: Why the guy who won’t win mattersWhy Bernie Sanders matters, even if he can’t winBernie Sanders doesn’t have to win the Democratic primary to do a lot of goodYou Don’t Need to Think Bernie Can Win to Take Him SeriouslyBernie Sanders Won’t Win. But His Ideas MightSenator Bernie Sanders won’t win in 2016 — but he will still change American politicsBernie Sanders really matters: He doesn’t have to win to build a progressive movement

Should Hillary really fear the fringe? We’ll see.

Source: The Week Everyone Began Taking Bernie Sanders Seriously | Mediaite


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