Nursing Home Inspectors Will Be Tested for Coronavirus ; National Parks Are Getting Trashed ; and More Picks 7/27

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Nursing Home Inspectors Will Be Tested for Coronavirus ; National Parks Are Getting Trashed ; and More Picks

Nursing Home Inspectors Will Be Tested for Coronavirus ; National Parks Are Getting Trashed ; and More Picks 7/27

Newsom Says Nursing Home Inspectors Will Be Tested for Coronavirus (Reader Steve)

From the Los Angeles Times: “Eight registered nurses working as inspectors for the California Department of Public Health — all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation — told Times reporters they weren’t being tested. One said she came down with a bad cough and tested positive for COVID-19 soon after visiting more than a dozen nursing homes in two days.” 

The Government’s Weapon Against Reality Winner: COVID-19 (Russ)

The author writes, “NSA whistleblower Reality Winner reported to her family that she and other prisoners at the federal women’s prison at Carswell, Texas, are not permitted to clean their cells. Five hundred women – nearly 50 percent of all prisoners at Carswell – have been infected. Winner is one of them. … One prison guard taunted Winner by telling her, ‘I just wanted to congratulate you on your positive results.’ That’s how Winner found out she was positive for Covid-19. And the guard immediately forbade her from cleaning and disinfecting her cell. A week ago, this same guard tried to have Winner thrown into solitary confinement just so that she would be unable to speak to her attorney, who had requested a meeting.”

National Parks Are Getting Trashed During COVID-19, Endangering Surrounding Communities (Mili)

From Time: “[Santa Paula Canyon] serves as a calming escape from the stresses and smog that can accompany everyday life in Southern California. But this spring, following the onset of coronavirus, the park’s condition started to drastically worsen. Litter accumulated on the sides of trails and at watering holes. Graffiti materialized on rocks. Parked cars stretched for more than a mile near the bottom of the trail, and hundreds of people splashed maskless in the canyon’s pools.”

Trump Administration Says Massive Alaska Gold Mine Won’t Cause Major Environmental Harm, Reversing Obama (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “If constructed, the proposed 20-year mining operation will transform an area that is now dominated by a $1.4 billion commercial, recreational and subsistence salmon fishery. The Canadian company behind the project is planning a mine that will span more than 13 miles and require the construction of a 270-megawatt power plant, natural gas pipeline, 82-mile double-lane road, elaborate storage facilities and the dredging of a port at Iliamna Bay. … According to the Corps, the operations would permanently destroy more than 2,200 acres of wetlands and waters, and 105 miles of streams.”

Scientists Unveil First Ever Pictures of Multiple Planets Around a Sunlike Star (Dana)

The author writes, “For the first time ever, scientists have managed to capture images of multiple planets twirling about another sunlike star. Yet despite its stellar host’s resemblance to our own, the snapshots of this planetary system reveal it to be no place like home.”


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