No Drone Zone, Washington, DC
In the News: In preparation for the Presidential Inauguration, the US Secret Service, the National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are reminding the residents of and visitors to Washington, D.C., that the city and surrounding areas are No Drone Zones. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Carol M. Highsmith / Wikimedia and FAA

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Democrats Must Understand How Bad Obama Financial Policies Were (Jimmy)

Matt Stoller argues that the Obama administration’s failure to help the working class during the ‘08 crisis, the decision to prop up the big banks and not prosecute them, and failure to prevent concentration and consolidation of private wealth in powerful industries are preventing Democrats from winning.

Cyprus Conflict Near End? (Dan)

Cyprus has been divided between Turkey and Greece for nearly half a century after poor power brokering from international powers. Now world powers are coming together to forge a solution. Will it work?

Yes, It Was Blood for Oil (Trevin)

L.A. Progressive is publishing a four-part series detailing CODEPINK‘s December 2016 “People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War.” During two days of testimony, indisputable evidence was provided showing that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were “to gain control of hydrocarbon resources” and that “combating terrorism was irrelevant, a concocted deception.”

US Intelligence Officials Warn Israeli Counterparts Not to Share Info With Trump (Jimmy)

US intelligence officials reportedly implied in a closed meeting with Israelis that any info shared with the Trump administration could find its way to Russia and Iran, because of compromising material Russia held over Trump.

Rex Tillerson Gets Hawkish About South China Sea (Dan)

The incoming Trump administration seems intent on pressing China. During his nomination hearing, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson furthered the aggravation with hawkish comments about China’s advances in the South China Sea. While criticizing the country’s movements in disputed area is nothing new – see Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ initiatives – Trump’s cabinet appears more open with its aggression.

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