Bloomingburg, New York
In the News: A very strange case of voter fraud is being prosecuted by the US Justice Department. Three Bloomingburg, New York real estate developers have been charged with committing voter fraud to ensure hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. The defendants sought to overcome local opposition by falsely registering voters and paying bribes for voters who would help elect public officials favorable to their development project. Photo credit: Doug Kerr / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

World Opinion on Electoral College/Guantanamo Transfers/More

Finland Tries Basic Income ; An Anti-aging Pill That Works? ; Obama and Goldman Sachs ...and More Picks

Finland Tries Basic Income ; An Anti-aging Pill That Works? ; Obama and Goldman Sachs ...and More Picks

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Credible Scientists’ Effort on Aging Pill (Russ)

They are preparing supplements that may actually work — and do not require FDA approval — that potentially slow down or reverse the effects of aging.

When North Korea and the West Were Forced to Cooperate (Dan)

A rumbling volcano, a group of scientists and a country plagued by sanctions and international isolation.

Obama Intends to Transfer 17 or 18 Guantánamo Detainees (Trevin)

If all goes as planned, the detainees will go to Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Finland Attempts ‘Basic Income’ (Dan)

Instead of the typical forms of bureaucratic-run programs like food stamps and unemployment payments, Finland is attempting a new trend: a simple check of “basic income”. This is money without any provisions. The question is: How will it be spent?

Goldman Sachs Undeterred by the Obama Administration (Jimmy)

The Dept of Justice took on 0 out of 25 potential cases of financial crime presented by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee (FCIC). No wonder Goldman Sachs is stronger than ever.


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