NOAA, Gulf of Mexico, dead zone
In the News: Scientists forecast that this summer’s Gulf of Mexico dead zone will be the third largest since monitoring began 32 years ago. A dead zone is an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and other marine life. The 2017 prediction is for an affected area about the size of New Jersey. About this photo: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer conducts operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration / Flickr

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McConnell Signals Doubts About ObamaCare Vote (Trevin)

Senate majority leader warns that if Republicans can’t agree on a replacement, action needs to be taken to stabilize insurance markets.


Is Italy Openly Discussing EU Exit? (Jeff C.)

“Some interesting conversations are taking place in the Italian parliament regarding the future of Italy in the eurozone.” This site insists the Italian banking system is insolvent, and that the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is a troubling 130%.

Turkey Arrests Second Amnesty International Leader (Dan)

The leader was arrested on suspicion of having connections to Islamic terror groups. Rights groups worry that Turkey’s recent crackdown, which has put 50,000 in jail and had 140,000 dismissed from jobs, is an attack on legitimate opposition to president Erdogan.


Texas County Returning to Paper Ballots (Jimmy)

Denton County is in the process of a complete return to paper ballots, due in part because of public distrust over electronic voting machines.

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