Nipton, California, Trading Post
Are We There Yet? A marijuana company bought the entire town of Nipton, Calif., for $5 million. They plan to use the town in creating a mecca for cannabis tourists. Photo credit: Thomas Hart / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Will ‘Antitrust’ Movement Develop?

Is the CIA Meddling in Venezuela? ; Learn the Term: Net Energy Decline ...and More Picks

Is the CIA Meddling in Venezuela? ; Learn the Term: Net Energy Decline ...and More Picks for 8/8

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Learn the Term: Net Energy Decline (Jeff C.)

This author and sustainability advocate joins a growing throng of analysts insisting this is what is really causing the seemingly perpetual global economic malaise. Afterall, you can’t keep throwing more energy at an energy crisis.

Orrin Hatch and the ‘Antitrust Hipsters’ (Jimmy)

The author writes, “It’s an odd time for Hatch to have backed off what was once a lonely crusade, just as the wings of both parties are coming around to the issue. Anti-monopoly politics has gotten high-level buy-in from Democrats, who placed trust-busting at the head of their ‘Better Deal’ agenda. Even alt-right populist Steve Bannon has told people privately he favors regulating Google and Facebook as public utilities…”

Is CIA Meddling in Venezuela? (Dan)

CIA Chief Mike Pompeo hints at such during a Q&A at an Aspen Institute think tank forum.

The Left’s Misguided Debate Over Kamala Harris (Jimmy)

The author writes, “So instead of debating who was ‘tough’ on corporate criminals and who wasn’t — since no one was — we should implore these would-be leaders to speak the hell up about the perversion of justice happening every day in courtrooms and foreclosure auctions across the country.”

Another Complicated Look at Afghanistan (Dan)

The Afghan government is partnering with the Taliban to drive out militias aligned to the Islamic State. The Taliban is using the Afghan government to achieve personal goals, but will this alliance last after?. Leaders of the Taliban are nearly as violent as Islamic State forces. And these are the just the facts that make sense.


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