Military May Use Lethal Force on Civil Disturbances at Border ; Canine Archeologists ; and More Picks 10/29

North Carolina Judge Tosses Current Congressional Map (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “North Carolina judges on Monday blocked the state’s congressional map from being used in the 2020 elections, ruling that voters had a strong likelihood of winning a lawsuit that argued Republicans unlawfully manipulated district lines for partisan gain.”

Military May Use Lethal Force on Civil Disturbances at Border (Chris)

From TYT: “President Trump’s U.S. military deployment at the southern border has been authorized to use lethal force in response to civil disturbances at ports of entry … [Pentagon] documents, marked For Official Use Only (‘FOUO’), reveal that during civil disturbance operations, certain military personnel have been granted ‘lethal capability’ to protect soldiers in riot control formation at ports of entry. Military personnel are also permitted, the documents show, to use ‘deadly force’ to protect other personnel engaged in border security operations and even to protect property.”

Publicly Owned Utilities Could Help Fight the Climate Crisis (Chris)

The author writes, “In recent years, activists around the country, including in New York City, Boston, Providence, Chicago, Boulder, and Washington, D.C., as well as Northern California and Maine, have been working to transition utilities to public ownership, which would make them accountable to the public instead of investors.” 

NYC Bar Association: AG Barr Should Recuse Himself From Ukraine Matter (Jessica)

The author writes, “In a statement, the organization blasted Barr’s continued presence. The DOJ ‘has a unique role in safeguarding the rule of law under the Constitution,’ the statement’s summary begins. ‘Barr has undermined that role,’ by failing to recuse himself from the Ukraine controversy. The statement continued in blistering terms: ‘ … If he fails to [recuse himself], he should resign or, failing that, be subject to sanctions, including possible removal, by Congress.’”

Canine Archeologists Sniff Out 3,000-Year-Old Graves in Croatia (Mili)

From the Smithsonian: “In a recent paper in the Journal of Archeological Method and Theory, Vedrana Glavaš, an archaeologist at the University of Zadar in Croatia, and Andrea Pintar, a cadaver dog handler, describe how dogs trained to find human remains helped them track down gravesites dating to around 700 B.C.”

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