Dirty Tricks: Back in 1980, as Ronald Reagan prepared to debate second term hopeful Jimmy Carter, someone delivered Carter's debate briefing papers to the Reagan team. President Carter blamed George Will for the breach. James Baker swore under oath that William Casey delivered the papers. About these photos: Reagan Carter Debate, 1980 (top left). George Will and Nancy Reagan, 1985 (top right). William Casey, circa 1981 (bottom left). Presidents Reagan, Carter and Nixon with Rosalynn Carter looking on, 1881. Photo credit: CSPAN, Levan Ramishvili / Flickr, Central Intelligence Agency (PDF), Reagan Library / Nationals Archives

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A Glimpse Inside the FDA’s Manipulation of the Media (Klaus)

The FDA has been trying to strongarm journalists into writing the type of stories that the agency wants to see. What’s even more troubling is that it is working.

VICE News revamps Cold-War fear-mongering for a younger, hipper audience (Jesse)

Journalist Robbie Martin describes how VICE’s brand of anti-establishment is the perfect vessel in which to shroud pro-war messages.

Spain is Still Without a Government (Dan)

Things could be changing, though, with the Socialist party losing ground in regions pressuring secession not only from the EU, but also a united Spain.

The Secret History of the Commission on Presidential Debates (Trevin)

It is corporate-funded and bipartisan — not non-partisan.

Russia Welcomes Secessionist Movements in Moscow (Dan)

Groups included the Texas Secessionists, Irish Sinn Fein, Puerto Rican Statehood movement. There were no Russian secessionists, of course.

Spectacular Time Lapse Film of Clouds, Thunderstorms, and Tornadoes (Milicent)

Five awesome minutes of what a photographer calls his Creepy Clouds Compilation.

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