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What Have Global Leaders Done on Climate Change in 2022? (Maria)

The authors write, “Last November global leaders met at the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow to agree next steps to tackle climate change. But climate experts have told the BBC that progress in 2022 has been slow — with governments around the world distracted by global energy and financial crises. Last week the UN warned the world is heading towards catastrophe. But there are rays of hope — including fresh US legislation. … As leaders depart for COP27 in Egypt next week, we look at seven key players to ask who is leading the way and who is dragging their feet.”

Meet the Midterm Candidates Who Attended the January 6 Rally (Sean)

From FiveThirtyEight: “There are at least nine GOP candidates running for Senate, House and governor seats this fall who were in attendance at the Jan. 6 rally, according to FiveThirtyEight’s database. Their attendance indicates an extreme acceptance of Trump’s inaccurate claims of a stolen election. Of those nine, just one is running in a race that is either likely or solidly Republican, according to our Deluxe forecast. Here’s a closer look at each of those nine candidates, including what we know about their activities that day and how likely they are to win their election, as of Monday at 12 p.m. Eastern.”

Authorities Name Knoxville Planned Parenthood Arsonist, Who Also Attended January 6 Riots (DonkeyHotey)

From the Knoxville News Sentinel: ‘Federal court records show Mark Reno set the fire that destroyed the Knoxville Planned Parenthood clinic on New Year’s Eve, and he told an investigator he wanted to burn down the new center once it was built. Reno, a Jefferson City man who died Aug. 15 in a Kentucky hospital, also is believed to be the suspect who fired shots at the same clinic in January 2021 and fired shots at the John J. Duncan Federal Office Building in Knoxville, according to court records in a civil forfeiture case. He admitted, according to court records, to being at the U.S. Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Russian Journalists Defy Putin to Report on Casualties in Ukraine (Russ)

The author writes, “Soldiers from Buryatia, a small Republic in Siberian Russia, were among the first to be sent to the front lines in Ukraine. And they were among the first to die there. When journalist Yelana Trifonova heard about a memorial service for the fallen, she immediately bought a ticket for the eight-hour trip from her home in Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia. ‘I wanted to know what was going on there,’ said the 46-year-old who works for the online platform Lyudi Baykal. … Trifonova and fellow reporter Olga Mutinova, 44, reported the story of the funeral; Trifonova wrote it, and it was published on April 28 on the landing page of Lyudi Baikala, with photos and video.”

Five Years After Water Crisis, 1 in 5 Flint, Michigan Residents Has PTSD (Mili)

The author writes, “Data from the largest mental health survey of the Flint, Michigan community indicate that one in five adults, or roughly 13,600 people, were estimated to have clinical depression, and one in four, or 15,000 people, were estimated to have PTSD five years after the water crisis began.”

Flight of the Condors (Laura)

From The Washington Post: “Once pushed to the brink of extinction, condors are soaring in Northern California skies again with the help of an Indigenous tribe and a team of scientists.”

Has This Piet Mondrian Painting Been Hanging Upside Down for 77 Years? (Dana)

The author writes, “Straight lines in bright red, yellow, blue and black cut through a white canvas, forming a complex grid pattern that represents a skyline. This is one of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian’s famous abstract pieces, titled New York City I — and it may have been hanging upside down in museums since 1945, a year after the painter’s death. The discovery began with Italian artist Francesco Visalli, who sent an email to a German museum, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, last year: ‘Whenever I look at this work, I always have the distinct feeling that it needs to be rotated 180 degrees.’ … Curator Susanne Meyer-Büser agreed.”


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