Trump and Putin in Syria? Not So Friendly ; Where Coca-Cola Is More Plentiful Than Water ...and More Picks 7/18

Trump and Putin in Syria? Not So Friendly (Dan)

While headlines have been denouncing the so-called friendly relations between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, things on the ground in Syria are not so rosy.

Where Coca-Cola Is More Plentiful Than Water (Russ)

It may be one of the rainiest areas in Mexico, but there is only running water a few times a week. So residents often choose to drink Coca-Cola, which is produced nearby. This is producing a diabetes crisis.

Echoes Past and Future: Helsinki Goon Show Masks the Real Rot That Bedevils Us (Jimmy)

The author writes, “It’s true Trump behaved like a chump and a lackey with Putin during their press conference on Monday. But if Don really has done a deal with Vlad — as opposed to, say, simply acting out his deeply disturbed need to be stroked by tough-guy daddy figures who have killed people — then Trump has also treated the Russian leader the same way he’s treated everyone he’s ever made a deal with: he’s cheated him.”

Special Operations Forces Continue to Expand Across the World — Without Congressional Oversight (Reader Luke)

The author writes, “Unless they end in disaster, most missions remain in the shadows, unknown to all but a few Americans. And yet last year alone, US commandos deployed to 149 countries — about 75 percent of the nations on the planet.”

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