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US Proposes Removing Wood Stork From Endangered Species List (Maria)

The author writes, “The ungainly yet graceful wood stork, which was on the brink of extinction in 1984, has recovered sufficiently in Florida and other Southern states that US wildlife officials on Tuesday proposed removing the wading bird from the endangered species list. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said in a news release that restoration of the wood stork’s habitat, especially in the Florida Everglades and adjacent Big Cypress National Preserve, led to a sharp increase in breeding pairs. Those numbers had shrunk to just 5,000 pairs in 1984, whereas there are more than 10,000 pairs today.”

Worried Residents Near Ohio Train Derailment Report Dead Fish and Chickens as Authorities Say It’s Safe to Return (Sean)

From NBC News: “For days, authorities have been telling residents of the area around East Palestine, Ohio, that it is safe to return home after a 150-car train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed Feb. 3. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said the chemical spill resulting from the derailment had killed an estimated 3,500 small fish across 7½ miles of streams as of Wednesday. And one resident of North Lima, more than 10 miles from East Palestine, told WKBN-TV of Youngstown that her five hens and rooster died suddenly Tuesday. The day before, rail operator Norfolk Southern had burned train cars carrying vinyl chloride — a flammable gas — to prevent an explosion. For some people who live near the derailment site, the reports continue to spur fear that they and their animals might be exposed to chemicals through the air, water and soil.”

Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar (DonkeyHotey)

From Slate: “On Wednesday, [James] Dannenberg tendered a letter of resignation from the Supreme Court Bar to Chief Justice John Roberts. He has been a member of that bar since 1972. In his letter, reprinted in full below, Dannenberg compares the current Supreme Court, with its boundless solicitude for the rights of the wealthy, the privileged, and the comfortable, to the court that ushered in the Lochner era in the early 20th century, a period of profound judicial activism that put a heavy thumb on the scale for big business, banking, and insurance interests, and ruled consistently against child labor, fair wages, and labor regulations.”

Oregon Liquor Agency Head Resigns Amid Bourbon Scandal (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “The executive director of Oregon’s liquor regulatory agency announced his resignation Monday amid a criminal investigation into allegations that he and other senior officials used their positions to divert rare, sought-after bourbons for personal use. Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission Executive Director Steve Marks noted in his resignation letter that Gov. Tina Kotek asked him to step down. He said his resignation is effective at 5 p.m. Wednesday.” 

Salt Cuts Off the Energy Supply to Immune Regulators (Mili)

The author writes, “Regulatory T cells ensure that immune responses happen in a controlled way. But eating too much salt weakens these cells’ energy supply, thus rendering them dysfunctional for a while. This may have implications for autoimmunity.”

Former Andalucían Bar Confirmed as Lost Medieval Synagogue (Russ)

The author writes, “Archaeologists in the Andalucían city of Utrera have rediscovered a staggeringly rare Spanish medieval synagogue, which was later used over the course of seven centuries as everything from a hospital and a home for abandoned children to a restaurant and disco-pub. The find, announced [last] Tuesday, makes the 14th-century building one of a precious handful of medieval synagogues to have survived the aftermath of the expulsion of Spain’s Jews in 1492.”

Man Who Stole 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs Convicted (Dana)

From the BBC: “A man who stole 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs [in Telford, England], causing a police panic about Easter, has been convicted in court. Joby Pool was surrounded by a mountain of the foil-wrapped chocolate when police caught up with him at the weekend. Recognizing he was foiled too, he surrendered to officers with his hands up, prosecutors said. He is due to be sentenced in Crown Court next month.”


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