We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing Us ; Nursing Homes Violated Basic Health Standards ; and More Picks 5/1

Whether the Ballot You Mail Is Counted May Depend on Where You Vote (Reader Steve)

From ProPublica: “All vote by mail systems are not created equal. In Wisconsin, a vote cast in one town would have been rejected in another. In Florida, young voters’ ballots are most likely to be tossed.”

We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing Us (Dana)

The author writes, “The clinical shape of the disease, long presumed to be a relatively predictable respiratory infection, is getting less clear by the week. Lately, it seems, by the day. As Carl Zimmer, probably the country’s most respected science journalist, asked virologists in a tweet last week, ‘is there any other virus out there that is this weird in terms of its range of symptoms?’”

Nursing Homes Violated Basic Health Standards, Allowing the Coronavirus to Explode (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “Nursing home residents have been among the hardest hit by COVID-19 … In some states, nursing home residents account for more than half of COVID-19 deaths. The inspection records are a glimpse into the kind of mistakes that could be at the root of the widespread outbreaks occurring in these facilities.”

Nearly 900 at Tyson Foods Plant Test Positive for Coronavirus (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Pork processing is labor intensive and conducted in a close-quarter environment that doesn’t afford much personal space. The virus has infected 890 of the 2,200 people in the Logansport plant in less than a week.”

First Known Swimming Dinosaur Just Discovered (Dana)

From Live Science: “Despite old, out-of-date drawings of long-necked dinosaurs wading in swamps, scientists have long believed that dinosaurs were a land-loving bunch: None were thought to swim. Now, though, a new tail fossil found in Morocco reveals that the sharp-toothed and fearsome Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was the Michael Phelps of the Cretaceous.”

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