Exposed Data Shows Where Police Fly Drones ; It Is Still Illegal for Blacks and Whites to Marry in VA ; and More Picks 12/12

Exposed Data Shows Where Police Departments Fly Their Drones (Chris)

From Motherboard: “Dronesense, which sells a platform for controlling drones to police, left customer data including flight plans exposed.”

Ring’s Hidden Data Let Us Map Amazon’s Sprawling Home Surveillance Network (Chris)

The author writes, “A Gizmodo investigation, which began last month and ultimately revealed the potential locations of up to tens of thousands of Ring cameras, has cast new doubt on the effectiveness of the company’s privacy safeguards.”

Donald Trump Jr. Killed an Endangered Sheep in Mongolia This Summer (Russ)

The author writes, “His adventure was supported by government resources from both the U.S. and Mongolia, which each sent security services to accompany the president’s eldest son and grandson on the multiday trip. It also thrust Trump Jr. directly into the controversial world of Mongolian trophy hunting — a polarizing practice in a country that views the big-horned rams as a national treasure. The right to kill an argali is controlled by an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections and politics.”

It Is Still Illegal for Blacks and Whites to Marry in Virginia (Reader Steve)

From the Mercury News: “The laws are still on the books in Virginia: Blacks and whites must sit in separate rail cars. They cannot use the same playgrounds, schools or mental hospitals. They can’t marry each other either. The measures have not been enforced for decades, but they remain in the state’s official legal record.”

New York Poised to Require Bird-Friendly Glass on All New Buildings (Mili)  

The author writes, “The New York City Council has approved an initiative requiring new buildings and major renovations to meet construction standards that will reduce the risk of bird collisions. The legislation is ‘to date, the most broad-reaching bird-friendly building policy in the country,’ according to the New York City Audubon. Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the bill into law.”

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