Feds Don't Regulate Election Equipment ; In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream ; and More Picks 7/11

GOP-Led Virginia Legislature Abruptly Adjourns Gun Session (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “Less than two hours after beginning a special session called in response to a mass shooting, Virginia lawmakers abruptly adjourned Tuesday and postponed any movement on gun laws until after the November election.”

Feds Don’t Regulate Election Equipment, so States Are on Their Own (Chris)

The author writes, “There are no federal rules requiring vendors to meet security standards, test equipment for vulnerabilities or publicly disclose hacking attempts. With the 2020 presidential election approaching, security experts, lawmakers and even election vendors themselves are calling for more rigorous testing of election equipment and stricter security standards for the private companies that provide election-related services.”

The Comeback State of 2019: Kansas Economy Rebounds From Tax-Cutting Disaster (DonkeyHotey)

From CNBC: “Residents of one midwestern state can be forgiven if they have a feeling they are not in Kansas anymore. The Sunflower State finishes a respectable No. 19 overall in this year’s CNBC America’s Top States for Business rankings. That is a 16-place jump from 2018, making Kansas this year’s most improved state.”

The Promises and Pitfalls of Gene Sequencing for Newborns (Mili)

The author writes, “Scientists have found that, so far, a complete genetic readout would be a poor substitute for the traditional blood test that babies get at birth to screen for diseases. Even when genetic testing provides useful information, it also can raise unsettling questions. One of the big concerns about running gene scans on newborns is how families will receive and make sense of the results.”

In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream (Reader Joe)

From Lithub: “[Jeffrey] Epstein gambled on the differential between his power and voice in the world and [that of his victims] and for the most part he won, because the game was rigged by dozens of people around him, even by the legal system that sealed the records, kept the victims and their lawyers from knowing what his plea deal was, and gave him an obscenely inconsequential sentence.”

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