Department of Homeland Security
In the News: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has designated the US election infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector. The move was opposed by some local election officials. The designation gives the agency license to take certain actions to protect systems. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from DHS

Trump’s Sting Against Intel Agencies … and more Picks for 1/12

Rising Tensions Between China and Taiwan ; China’s President to Attend Davos Economic Forum

Trump’s Sting Against Intel Agencies ; Rising Tensions Between China and Taiwan ; China’s President to Attend Davos Economic Forum ...and More Picks

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Tensions Rise Between China and Taiwan (Dan)

China sent its only aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait this week. Taiwan then scrambled fighter jets through the Strait in response. Is all this a response to the incoming Trump administration’s abandonment of the ‘One China’ rule? Or is China looking to further dominate to region? Could be both.

Trump Conducts ‘Sting Operation’ Against Intelligence Officials (Trevin)

Says he caught briefers leaking information about a classified meeting he told no one about, not even members of his staff.

China’s President Xi Jinping to Attend Davos Forum (Dan)

The World Economic Forum at Davos has been primarily “Western” or “American” led. With isolation movements gaining influence in the West – not to mention the America First policy of Trump – China is possibly looking to fill the void.

LA Valley College Pays $28,000 Hacker Ransom (Jimmy)

The LA Community College District paid the ransom in bitcoin after the campus computer network, emails, and voicemail systems were locked by a virus.

Trump Team Wants Quick Obamacare Replacement (Dan)

 Republicans are under pressure to present a replacement to Obamacare before repeal. Trump says it must be done “immediately.”


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