George Bush, Dick Cheney, Der Spiegel
On this Day: President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney admiring an issue of Der Spiegel with Bush illustrated in a Rambo like pose, March 1, 2002. Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives / Flickr

Trump’s New Travel Ban

Yemen Gets Worse ; Jack Abramoff Returns ...and More Picks

Yemen Gets Worse ; Jack Abramoff Returns ...and more Picks for 3/1.

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New Travel Ban Details Emerge (Trevin)

According to the AP, in addition to the honoring of existing visas, Iraq is off the list; Syrian refugees will no longer be indefinitely banned; and there will be no “explicit exemption for religious minorities.”

Jack Abramoff Heads to Africa (Dan)

Jack Abramoff left DC in disgrace and went to prison after becoming one of the most notorious lobbyist in recent memory. He now appears willing to act as a bulwark against the shady side of inside politics by…working with undisclosed “friends in Europe” and African presidents to stem the tide of ISIS-affiliated Boko Haram.

Child Starvation Crisis in Yemen (Jimmy)

The US-backed, Saudi-led coalition war in Yemen is causing a humanitarian crisis. Almost half a million Yemeni children are severely malnourished.

GOP Answer to Planned Parenthood: Religiously-Aligned Clinics (Reader Rachel)

The GOP’s answer to Planned Parenthood are community clinics, or federally qualified health clinics (FQHCs). While these clinics may provide certain aspects of health care, they do not provide all family planning care. In fact when asked about certain types of contraceptive treatment, employees in at least one FQHC pointed the reporter to Planned Parenthood – an option that soon may not exist.

New Malaria Vaccine Holds Promise (Jimmy)

A malaria vaccine has proven fully effective in a very small clinical trial. Further research and testing is needed, but the positive results bring hope.


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