Russia Military Power
The US Defense Intelligence Agency recently released "Russia Military Power Assessment", examining the capabilities of the Russian military. The report is the first in a series of unclassified assessments on major military threats to the United States. You can read the report in PDF format, or visit the website. Photo credit: DIA.

Trump’s New Favorite News Channel

Black Living on Confederate Streets ; United Fumbles Again ...and More Picks

Black Living on Confederate Streets ; United Fumbles Again ...and More Picks for 7/6

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Trump Tweets Not a Distraction – Proof of New Instability (Russ)

Frank Rich argues that we can’t and shouldn’t ignore Trump’s tweets because we want to focus on real problems. He believes they demonstrate the president’s growing instability.

United Apologizes for Giving Child’s Seat to Someone on Standby (Trevin)

The purchased $1,000 seat was taken away, forcing a mother to hold her two-year-old son on her lap for 3 and-a-half hours. Passengers are required to buy separate tickets for children over the age of 2.

Upstart TV Outfit Outfoxes Fox (Russ)

Trump’s favorite new news channel, tiny still, gains traction. Raising the question: did we need another Fox?

Black Living on Confederate Streets (Reader Steve)

Black residents in South Florida live on streets named after Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members. Here’s what they’re doing about it.


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