Cedar Mesa Valley of the Gods
In the News: Cedar Mesa Valley of the Gods is part of the new Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. President Obama used the Antiquities Act to set aside 1.35 million acres in Utah and 300,000 acres in southern Nevada. Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management / Flickr

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Trump Won’t Have Easy Time Undoing Climate Policy (Russ)

Ironically, it is the vaunted free market that is now propelling away from coal to renewables.

India’s Top Court Prohibits Identity Politics (Dan)

The country’s top four justices voted that elections based on appealing to caste or religious based constituents could be declared “null and void”. In a country starkly divided by the caste system, particularly regarding the Muslim minority, the ruling is sure to affect politics in a major way.

With a Trump Presidency, Leading Republican Very Worried (Milicent)

Former Head of EPA Christine Todd Whitman told BBC Radio she is very worried about her grandchildren because Trump denies climate change science. She said, “To walk away from something where you have 97% of scientists saying this is occurring and people have an impact on it … it’s gotten to the point where we’ve got to try to slow it down if we’re going to survive it.”

Infographic Reveals Only 10 Companies Own Most of the World’s Food Brands (Trevin)

This chart by Oxfam International shows how tentacles of the “Big 10” food and beverage corporations touch even the most unlikely of products.

Baltic Nations Receive US Support (Dan)

With Russia as a neighbor, the Baltic countries feel they have reason to worry. These NATO-aligned countries are thus receiving US aid in the form of Special Operations forces. Special Operations forces have been Obama’s choice of warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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