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In the News: When President Donald Trump hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House earlier this month, he handed the Chancellor a demand letter requesting hundreds of billions of dollars be paid by Germany to NATO. Photo credit: The White House / YouTube

Trump to Release JFK Records?

Coal Miners Turned Coders ; Iran Returns US Sanctions Gesture ...and More Picks

Coal Miners Turned Coders ; Iran Returns US Sanctions Gesture ...and More Picks for 3/27

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Iran Strikes Back With ‘Reciprocal Sanctions’ (Jeff C.)

In what appears a largely symbolic move, the country sanctioned 15 US companies, a wide-ranging list that includes an American real estate entity and a major arms manufacturer.

Coal Miners Turned Coders? Possibly. (Dan)

California Rep. Ro Khanna (D) met with Kentucky Rep. Hal Rogers (R) to discuss bringing Silicon Valley employment to downtrodden, “globalist skeptic” areas like Eastern Kentucky. The meeting fulfills part of the Obama administration initiative TechHire, which seeks to address the surplus of jobs available in the country’s burgeoning Technology sector.

Internet Privacy at Risk, Here’s How to Shield Your Searches (Jeff C.)

With the Senate moving in to neuter FCC enforcement, your internet search history and habits are looking like they’ll soon be for sale. Protect yourself by following these steps.

Trump’s Upcoming Decision On Still-Secret JFK Records will be Revealing (Trevin)

1992’s JFK Records Act mandates the release of over 3,500 JFK assassination records. never before seen by the public, by October 26, 2017. Trump’s ruling on this matter will be interesting in light of his alleged war with the CIA.

UK Lawmakers Seek Access to Encrypted Data After Westminster Attack (Dan)

By accessing encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram, security services believe they could potentially thwart terrorist attacks. Privacy advocates meanwhile claim hackers could access potentially sensitive material of their users.


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