Lack of AC Compounds Threat of COVID-19 in Florida Prisons ; How Do Women Become White Supremacists? ; and More Picks 7/22

Lack of AC Compounds Threat of COVID-19 in Florida Prisons (Dana)

The authors write, “As temperatures in Florida soar into the 90s, accounts by inmates and their loved ones, shared with the Herald on condition of anonymity, provide a glimpse of the condition of inmates housed in overcrowded prisons without proper ventilation. Despite the state being among the hottest in the country, only 18 of its 50 prisons have air conditioning. Every summer the sweltering and squalid heat increases health risks and raises tensions between officers and inmates.”

Portland Protests Violence From Federal Police (Chris C.)

From Courthouse News Service: “Protests against systemic racism and police brutality, in their 53th consecutive night in Portland, have swelled dramatically in size since the federal deployments, and the brutal, constitutionally questionable tactics of federal police, including Customs and Border Protection officers, were made public.”

Feds Object to Exempting Journalists From Crowd Dispersal Orders (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Journalists and legal observers should have to follow lawful orders by federal officers to disperse when violence erupts outside the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, federal lawyers argue in new court papers filed Tuesday. Any court-ordered exemption for journalists and the observers would be improper and impractical, the lawyers said. The response follows a motion filed by 10 journalists and observers with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon seeking a temporary restraining order to hold federal officers to the same restrictions that a judge recently placed on Portland police.”

How Do Women Become White Supremacists? (Reader Jessica)

From Rolling Stone: “What is the process by which a relatively mild-mannered, disaffected young white man becomes a violent white supremacist? While various factors have been postulated — a racist, patriarchal culture, combined with permissive attitudes toward toxic masculinity and radicalizing platforms like 4chan (and later 8kun) certainly all play a role — the question becomes even more complicated when you talk about white women (more than half of whom famously voted for Trump in November 2016).”

Deepfake Used to Attack Activist Couple Shows New Disinformation Frontier (Russ)

The author writes, “Online profiles describe him as a coffee lover and politics junkie who was raised in a traditional Jewish home. His half dozen freelance editorials and blog posts reveal an active interest in anti-Semitism and Jewish affairs, with bylines in the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel. The catch? Oliver Taylor seems to be an elaborate fiction.”

How to Actually Fall Asleep (Chris C.)

The author writes, “Given that there seems to be more keeping us up at night than ever, the Cut spoke to three sleep experts about the best strategies for falling asleep (and the biggest mistakes people make when trying to do so). You can’t force yourself into sleep — it’s a state that you come into naturally — but you can position yourself to get there by using [these] tips.”

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