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Less Green in the Budget: The Trump administration's 2019 budget proposes a 72 percent cut in spending on clean energy research and home weatherization training. Congress rejected less drastic cuts in the 2018 budget. Photo credit: Todd Druskat / U.S. Department of Energy / Flickr

Trump Leaves Green Energy Behind

GOP’s Transparency Moment? ; Exporting Anti-Choice Laws …and More Picks

GOP’s Transparency Moment? ; Exporting Anti-Choice Laws …and More Picks 2/2

Mueller and What Makes Trump Different (Reader Steve)

There’s a reason we may not see Mueller’s report on Trump’s alleged criminality. Why? Because the man in the Oval Office is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Is Russia ‘Hacking’ Mexico’s Upcoming Election? (Dan)

There’s a bipartisan push for Rex Tillerson’s State Department to investigate claims of Russian interference in Mexico’s upcoming elections. Here we go again.

Exporting Anti-Choice Laws (Reader Rachel)

The GOP’s latest anti-choice move? Destroying Roe v. Wade one “bad bill at a time.”

Booz Allen Hamilton Awarded $621M Cybersecurity Contract (Jimmy)

The author writes, “The federal government has awarded Booz Allen Hamilton a massive $621 million, six-year contract to implement a Department of Homeland Security program aimed at securing federal networks from cyber threats.”


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