Ivanka Trump West Wing
In the News: Ivanka Trump’s role is expanding. President Trump’s  eldest daughter, who currently holds no official title in the White House, will soon get access to  a West Wing office, government-issued communications devices , and security clearance to classified information. President Trump’s eldest daughter has been an increasing presence in the White House where her husband Jared Kushner currently serves as senior advisor. Photo credit: Cvent Inc Flickr / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Trump is Destroying Fox News

Senator: Gorsuch is a Payoff to Big Business ; Boston Public Schools Adopt a New Map ...and More Picks

Senator: Gorsuch is a Payoff to Big Business ; Boston Public Schools Adopt a New Map ...and More Picks

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Senator Whitehouse: Gorsuch a Payoff to Big Business & Big Law (Jimmy)

“Whitehouse is making a broader claim about the court. His point isn’t just that Gorsuch should be rejected, but that Democrats should have no respect for the legitimacy of the court so long as the court serves a role as a cog in a corrupt big business machine,” says Matt Stoller. (see clip here).

Syrian Defectors Urge Safe and No-Fly Zones (Dan)

Trump promised to establish “Safe Zones” in Syria to prevent a further humanitarian crisis. Syrian defectors in Washington are also pressing for a no-fly zone over the country. Trump has mostly avoided the issue, focusing instead on Yemen. Can he be swayed?

French Invasion of Middle America? (Reader Steve)

Yes…in 1796. Before Lewis and Clark explored the American frontier, French general Georges Callot made extensive maps of yet-discovered landscape for a possible French land grab. As history shows, Callot’s journey did not end so successfully.

Boston Public Schools Adopt Different Map of the World (Jimmy)

The Mercator projection has been the norm for maps for 500 years. But it noticeably reduces the relative size of Africa and South America, while distorting countries like US and Britain. The Gall-Peters projection corrects that, and has been adopted by a Boston school district.

Trump is Destroying Fox News (Dan)

The tally continues to increase of times President Trump has cited Fox News in an erroneous claim. This writer believes it’s starting to make the “most-watched news network” look bad.


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