Oklahoma City Memorial
Domestic Terrorism: A 23-year-old man was arrested Saturday for trying to detonate a vehicle bomb at a bank in Oklahoma City. Jerry Drake Varnell’s “conspirator” in the plot was an undercover FBI agent and the bomb was fake. Varnell’s family claims he is mentally ill. About this photo: Reflecting pool at the Oklahoma City Memorial. Photo credit: Matthew Rigdon / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Trump Continues Pro Goldman Sachs Administration

Obamacare Subsidies Continue – For Now ; Google’s Payments to Apple ... and More Picks

Obamacare Subsidies Continue – For Now ; Google’s Payments to Apple ...and More Picks for 8/17

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Trump WH Continues Goldman Sachs-Friendly Policy (Russ)

National Economic Chair Steve Cohn has been approached by Goldman-linked lobbying groups for, well, what do you think?

Obamacare Subsidies Continue – For Now (Dan)

The Trump administration has threatened to pull federal subsidies for low-income users on Obamacare healthcare markets. This would, in effect, “implode” the market and force insurers to foot a massive bill previously covered by the government. However the administration is coming under pressure from Democrats and Republicans to continue the subsidies until Congress can settle on a replacement. Will this stop Trump from pulling the subsidies plug?

Google Pays Apple Billions per Year to Remain on the iPhone (Trevin)

The search engine giant’s payments will make up around 5% of Apple’s profits this year, and their iOS devices contribute to about 50% of Google’s search revenue.

In Effort to Shame Bannon, NYT Goes Right (Dan)

Trump’s adviser, Steve Bannon, recently said that there is “no military solution” to North Korea and that “troops should be withdrawn” from the Korean peninsula. Sounds like an idea from a progressive. However the NYT went against Bannon’s advice, using sources that called a withdrawal “preemptive surrender” and labeling the idea as “amateur.”

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