Air Pollution Linked to Higher Risk of Glaucoma ; Lisa Page Speaks ; and More Picks 12/4

Invasive Grasses Are Fueling Wildfires Across the US (Chris)

From the Conversation: “Some fires are occurring in areas that rarely burn, like the Sonoran Desert and the semiarid shrublands of the Great Basin, which covers most of Nevada and parts of five surrounding states.”

Air Pollution Linked to Higher Risk of Glaucoma (Mili)

The author writes, “[A new study found] people in neighborhoods with higher amounts of fine particulate matter pollution were at least 6% more likely to report having glaucoma than those in the least-polluted areas.”

Lisa Page Speaks (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “The era of Trump populism always had an ugly edge, particularly toward women. Trump revels in bringing misery to his opponents and will always seek out and exploit any weakness. Page ‘wasn’t nice to him,’ and so in his eyes she can be endlessly targeted and assaulted.”

Valerie Plame’s New Life (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Speaking at town halls in high school gymnasiums. Visiting Native American reservations. Hearing concerns about irrigation. This is the new fabric of Plame’s second life in New Mexico, the life she was forced to create when senior Bush administration officials publicly leaked her covert CIA identity.”

Retracing Ghana’s Old Slave Trail (Gerry)

From Atlas Obscura: “All 2019, Ghana has been rolling out the red carpet to celebrities, political figures, and thousands of other members of the African diaspora for what it has termed the ‘Year of Return,’ a 12-month commemoration of 400 years since ships first began to leave its shores, bound for the Americas, heavy with human cargo.”

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