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Threat of Voting Machines/Expanding Drone Wars/More

Iceland’s “Pirate Party” Comes in 2nd ; Climate Solutions That Are Actually Working ; California “Deputizes” Porn Viewers ...and More Picks

Iceland’s “Pirate Party” Comes in 2nd ; Climate Solutions That Are Actually Working ; California “Deputizes” Porn Viewers ...and More Picks

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Seven Solutions to Climate That Are Working (Russ)

Better than despair is action! Lots of good things are happening.

Iceland’s Pirate Party Falls Short (Jeff C.)

Icelanders chose “stability” over change in their general election vote Saturday. On Sunday, current Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson of the Progressive Party officially resigned

Interracial Love Stories from Where It Was Banned (Russ)

Twenty-four states once banned interracial marriage. Here’s people who defied the law — and won, on multiple levels.

Belgium Farmers Stop EU-Canada Trade Deal (Dan)

At least temporarily. The trade deal between Canada and the EU, remarkably similar to the US-EU trade deal TTIP, is currently halted thanks to pressure from Belgium’s little discussed Wallonia dairy farmers who fear losing their livelihood.

US Secretly Expanding Drone Bases in North Africa (Jimmy)

Anonymous US officials claim unarmed drones are being flown out of Tunisia to conduct surveillance in Libya. The US had already been flying manned surveillance missions over Tunisia to provide the country’s security forces intelligence on extremist threats.

Native Perspective on Fight Against Dakota Pipeline (Gerry)

On October 27, police officers and National Guardsmen arrested more than a hundred protesters at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.  While protecting local water supplies is a key motive in the ongoing confrontation, some activists see it as the latest battleground in a centuries-long colonial war against Native peoples.

California Proposition 60 Deputizes Porn Viewers (Jimmy)

The ballot requires condoms to be used in the filming of pornography, as well as requiring producers to provide health checkups and testing. Viewers who find failure to abide by these measures can file complaints, potentially leading to personal monetary gain.


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